Christoph Waltz plays Jesus and the Pope in wild SNL skits

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Waltz plays Tarantino's version of Jesus, bent on revenge.

It was an outrageous installment of SNL much in part to host Christoph Waltz, who had an irreverent yet hilarious showing as last night’s guest host.

This year’s Oscar nominee for best supporting actor may have bolstered his visibility even further in his depictions of Jesus Christ and Pope Benedict XVI.

The trailer for “Djesus Uncrossed” is destined for viral status. In it, Waltz spoofs his own work, as he stars in another Quentin Tarantino historical re-write about a heavily armed Jesus Christ bent on revenge against Romans who crucified him.

The trailer mocked Tarantino’s gory blood explosions of and launched limbs perfectly. In one instance, a Roman who is at the mercy of the sword of the crazed re-written Jesus, shouts “Jesus H. Christ!”, to which Waltz answers, “The H. is silent”-- in reference to the signature one-liner in Django Unchained.

In another impious skit, The Hollywood Reporternotes that Waltz plays a Pope Benedict who is coping with retirement in a spoof commercial of Pacific Life.

Check out the skit below!



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