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By TheCelebrityCafe.com,

With March Madness coming up there is no better way to please a crowd of men and women cheering for their favorite teams than with cocktails. But you don't need to hire a professional bartender or be a master of mixology. Serve up tasty cocktails for a crowd in an instant with Cocktail Rx.

Cocktail Rx is a new line of stylish cocktail mixers offering an array of entertaining flavors perfect for all kinds of festivities.

Their lineup spans the globe of cocktailing, including complete cocktail shaker kits in a full range of flavors, a comprehensive line of exotically delicious flavored cocktail freezers and industry leading all-natural drink mixes, rimming sugars and salts.

They have spent years meeting with mixologists around the globe to provide you the perfect solution for your cocktailing needs combining the ingredients, flavors and advanced mixing techniques. Cocktail Rx mixes uses only fresh, natural and delicious ingredients to create the highest quality beverages.

Cocktail Rx is very easy-to-use as it is equipped with all necessary ingredients to create eight servings of the perfect cocktail, only require ice and a spirit of choice. All you have to do is shake, sip, enjoy and repeat.

Cocktail Rx offers a variety of freezer buckets that can serve up to 30 cocktails each!

Find Cocktail Rx at grocers and specialty stores nationwide or shop at http://www.cocktailrx.com.



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