'The Colbert Report' Recap 2/13/13

By Ricky Riley,

This episode focuses on Tuesday’s State of the Union and features musician Dave Grohl of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and the Sound City Players.

As a conservative Stephen Colbert asks the question what kind of insecure jerk expects America to tune in to hear him speak. Then, Colbert also wanders why he tuned in to hear the socialist stroke job that was the state of the union address.

As Colbert recapped the address, the subject of the middle class came up. According to Colbert, we haven’t had a middle class since the 1990s.

The republicans themselves hated the speech because it was too pro-government. Even though the address was delivered in front of both houses and both parties, the Republicans hated it.

However the topic of a $9 minimum wage would equate to almost two feet of sandwich. 85 cents an hour was the good ole days says Colbert.

Fighting off the rats of poverty motivates people to start businesses and generate jobs.

President Obama or President Fidel Handout says nothing about raising the maximum wage.

Then Colbert asks the question: why can America take a personal year to get our sh*t together; this plan seems like a lot of work.

Colbert moves on to the Republican Response. The Republicans had high hopes for Marco Rubio. Sadly no one noticed that you gave a speech.

Then Colbert climbs over his desk, crawls on the floor, and reaches for a water bottle on a book shelf and pours it over his head. Always keep eye contact with the home viewer and no one will know that you are thirsty.

Before Rubio, Republicans had to send Lindsey Graham out on a donkey to grab Hispanic voters, jokes Colbert.

Then the show wrapped up with musician David Grohl talking about his documentary film called Sound City. It is about the studio where he and Nirvana recorded their first album. It features interviews from Stevie Nicks and forty other recording artists and technicians.

Grohl jokes about buying the sound board when the studio was closing down saying that he had to get the chicken and cocaine out of it first.

This episode was a succinct mixture of laughs and quick jabs at both Democrats and Republicans. The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central.



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