'The Colbert Report' recap- 2/20

By Ricky Riley,

This episode focuses on European horse meat, soccer, TV shows and features David Goldhill author of Catastrophic Care: How American Health Care Killed My Father--and How We Can Fix It.

European nations are furious over tainted meat products. France, England, Cyprus, Poland, the Netherlands and Romania have reported that there country’s beef supply has had horse DNA in it.

Colbert is not surprised that the mob is involved with the tainted meat. There is nothing wrong with eating horse meat. Fast food should be made from fast animals for example there should be cheetah cheese burgers.

The second part of the show focused on soccer. The European soccer world has been rocked by a international fixing scandal. 680 games have been reported fixed. This is big news because soccer is Europe’s most popular sport after competitive three ways. They both require a lot of ball handling.

For more on the incident that is rocking the world, Colbert turns to Alexi Lalas, former American soccer player and current ESPN soccer analyst.

Fixing has been around for years. It has been reported in South American, African, Asian, and European games. Colbert asks how we can take a game seriously if a player is smacking himself with the other player’s hand.

Lalas replies that most people don’t understand the nuances of the game, it is beautifully subjective.

Then Colbert takes a moment to relax by the fireplace and talk about a Norwegian show that focuses on firewood logging. It could work.

In the final minutes of the Colbert talks with the president of the Game Show Network David Goldhill about healthcare. He believes that people are over insured. There is no competitiveness between insurance companies. Colbert only thinks that Goldhill is interested giving everyone the basic cable package.

Sadly, the funniest parts of this episode were in the beginning. This was not bad just slowed in the middle. The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central.



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