'The Colbert Report' Recap: 2/21/13

By Allison Cordaro,
Guest: Lil Buck

Stephen began the show with a segment that dealt with Senator Hagel's nomination by Barack Obama to be the next defense secretary. Colbert joked that the senate Republicans were against his nomination because of shady things he's done in the past ... like be a senate Republican. Fifteen GOP Senators have urged the president to rescind Hagel's nomination because of the Nebraska senator's ties to a group called "Friends of Hamas." Unfortunately for the 15 Republican senators, the source of the rumor can be traced back to Dan Freedman at the Daily News. Freedman was looking for dirt on Hagel and questioned a Republican aide on Capitol Hill, asking if he was associated with the Junior League of Hezbollah or the Friends of Hamas. Freedman, however, assumed that no one would take organizations with the names "Junior League of Hezbollah" or the "Friends of Hamas" seriously. Colbert sardonically questioned what else the Nebraska senator is hiding that does not exist: the Al Quaeda Kids Club, the Muslim Brotherhood or the Muslim Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. He finished the segment by ominously pronouncing that if Obama doesn't withdraw Hagel's nomination, the president will lose the support of moderate Republicans ... another group that doesn't exist.

Colbert then addressed the new name for Florida Atlantic University's stadium: The GEO Group. The GEO group is the nation's largest for-profit prison organization. The group donated $6 million to the university to name the stadium after them. Colbert likened the situation to Bank of America sporting their name on a sports stadium, except that the GEO Group believes in punishment for crime. Aside from the controversy of naming a college stadium after a prison, there have been claims of "unnecessary deaths of people in their custody," "children detained in their facilities suffered cruel treatments," and that "the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility had a pervasive level of brazen staff sexual misconduct," the last offense which, as Colbert pointed out, makes a natural fit with football.

Colbert then addressed the recent Burger King Twitter hack. Ironically, during the hour in which Burger King's Twitter account was hacked to look like McDonald's, their followers increased by 30 percent. Instead of questioning this development, Colbert questioned why people follow the inner musings of a hamburger chain. The next day, both BET and MTV's accounts were hacked. Furthermore, the two blamed each other for hacking their account. Colbert commented that the only thing that would be more shocking is if either channel actually played a music video. Viacom, the media company who owns both BET and MTV, announced that the hacks were a hoax, acknowledging the fact that hack marketing can increase brand awareness. Colbert then brought Director of Teen Outreach and Internet Security, Glen, to announce VH1 Classic's "hack" @StephenAtHome, and check out his most recent tweet: "VH1 Classic: all music all the time … plus re-runs of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN #VH1ClassicHack."

Stephen invited Lil Buck onto the show. Lil Buck, a former street performer who now dances in ballets like Swan Lake with Yo Yo Ma and Meryl Streep, explained the difference between Hip-Hop and "jooking." Jooking, a type of dance that originated in Memphis, was originally called the "gangster's line dance." People in urban neighborhoods would perform line dances with such confidence that it eventually evolved into what is known as jooking today. Lil Buck mentioned that Meryl Streep can do a bug jump or two, which prompted Stephen to try. A bug jump is a simple move where you bring your chest to your knee and hold your hands above your legs like a puppet master. The show concluded with a jooking performance. Lil Buck danced with all the precision of a classically-trained ballet dancer to a song entitled Brotsjór by Ólafur Arnalds Check out the video from the performance below.



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