'The Colbert Report' recap 2/21/2013

By Ricky Riley,

This episode focuses on the Chuck Hagel nomination, the Florida Atlantic football stadium, twitter account hacking and the dancer Lil Buck talks to Stephen about his unique style known as "jookin."

President Obama’s Secretary of War appointment, Chuck Hagel, is under serious fire by senate Republicans even though Hagel is a Republican. 15 GOP senate Republicans want Hagel to withdraw his nomination. It is believed that Hagel took money from the organization Friends of Hamas.

It is an organization that never existed.

Colbert points out that being friends with terrorists is a huge commitment. The organization is so sinister it does not exist. How many other non-existent organizations is Hagel connected to? Are he friends with the AL-Qaeda Kids Club or the Muslim Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? No one will ever know.

Then Colbert talks about Florida Atlantic University’s new college football stadium name.

Now a for profit prison company has brought the stadium. It becomes one of many stadiums with corporate names. If for profit prisons are good enough for the Chinese then it’s good enough for America.

In the b block of the show, Colbert discusses viral marketing. It was hard not to notice that Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked. However, Viacom staged a fake hack attack on the MTV and BET twitter pages. Even though both brands are owned by Viacom, the scheme switched the MTV Twitter page logo with BET and vice versa.

For a lesson on viral marketing, Colbert invited Director of Teen Outreach, Glen. He tells Colbert that Vh1 Classic hacked the Colbert Report twitter page. "That sh*t cray."

Then former street dancer/ performer Lil Buck stops by. He tells Colbert about the history of Jookin which started in Memphis, Tennessee. Lil Buck talks about working with Yoyo Ma and Meryl Streep in China where he performed Swan Lake. In the final minutes of the show Lil Buck taught Colbert some moves and performed for the audience.

This episode was the best of the week primarily because of Lil Buck’s performance. The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central.



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