'Community' recap: Paranormal Parentage

By Tori Kronz,
Haunted Hathorne Manor

The second episode of Community this season is the Halloween episode and involves Pierce’s haunted manor.

The episode opens with the study group, minus Pierce, getting ready for a Halloween party. They are all in costume and Jeff shows up as a boxer and Annie is meant to be a ring girl (sexy woman who stands in the rings) as a pair costume. Annie misunderstood and showed up as the girl from the Ring. Before they can leave, Pierce calls Troy to tell him that Pierce trapped himself in his panic room. Jeff refuses to go, since Pierce is probably making it up until the Dean shows up as an actual ring girl.

The group gets to Hawthorne Manor and Troy directs them to the panic room. Pierce is in there and tells them he forgot the code after revealing that he saw something the night before and believes it to be his father’s ghost. The group splits into pairs to search the manor for the red book with the panic room code in it and a shadow passes in front of the camera. Britta and Jeff search Pierce’s bedroom. As they search, Britta tries to work on Jeff’s daddy issues. Jeff tells Britta he does not have daddy issues, since he has had his father’s number and had no desire to call it. This leads to Jeff running away and finding the study and the red notebook. As Jeff has some sort of liquor, everything starts shaking and the wall around the portrait of Pierce’s father begins to distort. Jeff and Brita then run down the hall. Abed and Annie are in another room. Abed finds a bookcase door and walks through it, of course. He finds the security room and watches the security feeds and Cougartown. Annie cannot find Abed and runs off in a panic when she sees Pierce’s father in the mirror. Troy and Shirley are trying to find the library, the one room Troy could not find on the tour. They go into the one room Troy was not allowed into and finds Pierce’s BDSM room. Troy does not understand and thinks the swing in the middle is a normal swing. He gets in it and Shirley makes him get out. She then says to him, “Forget you saw that. And forget I knew what it was.”

There is then a rattling at the end of the hall and Troy opens the door to find Annie. They walk for a while and when they stop a face and hands reach from behind the wall towards Troy. They scream and run, meeting up with Jeff and Britta. They all make it to the panic room where Abed rejoins them. Abed found the security footage which proved that Pierce set the whole thing up, but Pierce did not hire someone to stand over his bed while he slept. Pierce panics and locks down the panic room again. Someone starts punching in the code from outside and the door opens to reveal Pierce’s half-brother. Gilbert has been taking care of Pierce without Pierce knowing, since Gilbert has not been handling Pierce’s dad’s death. Pierce offers to let Gilbert keep taking care of him and everyone leaves. The episode ends with Jeff calling what may be his father’s number.



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