Compromises made for birth control health coverage

By Camille Requiestas,

On Friday, President Barack Obama announced a plan he hoped would satisfy the worries of certain religious groups lobbying against the national healthcare law regarding contraceptives.

The Obama administration has struggled to find a compromise that meets the concerns of those against the proposal of employers providing contraceptives for their employees through their insurance.

Religious viewers claimed that providing contraceptives for their employees goes against their beliefs, and to mandate it by law infringes their first amendment right to religious freedom. The administration replied that this new proposal guarantees that non-profit religious employers will not have to pay for the contraceptives, birth control pills, sterilization and emergency contraceptives.

The Huffington Post reported that these products would be covered by the insurers or a separate insurance policy.

Certain religious groups reacted positively to the announcement. Reuters reported that Catholics United responded very well, with the executive director of the group, James Salt, saying, “This is a victory not only for the Obama Administration, but for the Catholic Church.”

Some groups, however, have been reluctant to accept these changes. Kyle Duncan, Becket Fund’s general counsel, said in a statement in The Huffington Post, “Today’s proposed rule does nothing to protect the religious liberty of millions of Americans. The rights of family businesses like Hobby Lobby are still being violated.”



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