Congressman responds to ‘Lincoln-Argo’ conspiracy theory

By Lena Finkel,

Haven't heard of the Lincoln-Argo conspiracy theory? It’s the latest theory that Connecticut congressman Joe Courtney’s accusations of historical inaccuracy in Lincoln were motivated by his friendship with Ben Affleck, the producer/director/star of Oscar competition Argo.

As we previously reported, Courtney complained about Spielberg’s film when he noticed that two out of four of his state’s representatives voted against the 13th amendment. In reality, all four of Connecticut’s representatives voted in favor of abolishing slavery.

Courtney then asked Spielberg to change the mistake before it went to DVD, according to Vulture.

However, rumors of conspiracy began floating around when people realized that Courtney apparently credits his close victory in the 2006 election to Ben Affleck, who also happens to be the director and actor in Argo, Lincoln’s main competition for the Oscar for Best Film, Vulture reported.

Did Courtney purposely bring up this historical inaccuracy so close to the Oscars?

According to Courtney, the whole thing is laughable. He told The L.A. Times, “It’s hilarious, that conspiracy theory. I’m not smart enough to know when Oscar voting begins.”

A spokeswoman for Argo confirms that there is no truth to the rumor, telling the L.A. Times, “There was no involvement with the Courtney letter,” adding that she felt “dismayed anyone would suggest otherwise.”



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