D.A. calls Chris Brown's community service submission 'at best sloppy ... and at worst fraudulent reporting'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Although Frank Ocean does not plan to press charges against Chris Brown for their parking lot brawl, the D.A. isn’t letting down so easily as they want to see the rapper prosecuted for submitting fake community service hours.

TMZ reports that Brown submitted hours for picking up trash in Virginia when he was in fact on an plane to Cancun.

Virginia’s Chief of Police Bryan T. Norwood reportedly submitted a letter to the judge stating that Brown completed his 180 day community service requirement he was allotted following charges brought on from the 2009 beating of on again girlfriend Rihanna.

Additionally, other officers were instructed that they no longer had to oversee Brown as well as telling a maintenance man how to respond to the D.A. if they had questions regarding his community service hours at the Children’s Center.

Thus far, the D.A. has been unable to find “credible, competent or verifiable evidence" that the singer ever completed the required community service hours. They are also calling his community service submissions "at best sloppy ... and at worst fraudulent reporting."

Since being charged for assault and battery, Brown has been involved in several other altercations which would normally deem probation revoking, TMZ notes, which include his brawl with Ocean, destroying a fan's phone in Miami, throwing a chair at Good Morning America, and failing a drug test.



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