Dad-to-be Josh Duhamel talks about seeing Fergie's ultra-sound for the first time

By Gina DiFalco,

Soon-to-be father, Safe Haven star Josh Duhamel, explained what it was like to see his wife Fergie’s first ultra-sound.

While promoting his new movie, which came out on Valentine’s Day and co-stars Julianne Hough, Duhamel said he was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw it for the first item.

“It’s very exciting. Seeing that ultrasound is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You’re like, ‘Wow, it’s mine,’” he told Yahoo’s omg!.

Duhamel went on to say he’s used to kids, so fatherhood should come naturally. "I think that I've always had an affinity for kids and there's something about me and kids that just click,” he said.

He added, "I don't know if it's because I am a kid but it does prepare you whenever you're around them. I've got nieces and nephews and all my friends have kids.”

But he admits that it isn’t the real thing until your own child is born. "All that stuff is a learning experience for when it actually happens but I don't think you're ever truly prepared until it's your own,” he said.

Fergie and Duhamel announced they were expecting their first child on Monday.

The soon-to-be mom tweeted "Josh & Me & BABY makes three! #mylovelybabybump.”



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