The Daily Show 2/12/13

By Tori Kronz,
Mike Piazza, Cheney on Television, Celebrities on Gun Control

The February 12, 2013 episode of The Daily Show covers Cheney on television, nuclear capabilities of North Korea, celebrities’ views on gun control and the guest, Mike Piazza.

The episode began with Jon Stewart informing the audience that the Daily Show would do a complete report on the State of the Union Address (the joke being that the show is taped before President Barack Obama gave the address).

Stewart then moved on the first full topic, former Vice President Dick Cheney on television. Cheney does not have a book coming out or anything else to promote, so Stewart wondered why Cheney was on television. Cheney was being interviewed in order to consider Obama’s presidency. Cheney argued that Obama was weakening America. Stewart points out that Cheney was very confidante in his analysis and seemed to be forgetting that Cheney had been terrible when he was Vice President. Cheney had gotten all the predictions and analyses wrong. Stewart snapped back at Cheney, saying that Obama cannot be taking his presidency or the country any lower since Cheney ‘s and President George W. Bush’s administration already lowered the bar to zero.

After Stewart’s mini-rant, he moved on to talking about what he considered important news, seismic activity in North Korea. He explained that North Korea had announced that this seismic activity had been caused by underground nuclear tests. These tests likely indicate that North Korea is having success in miniaturizing their nuclear weapons. Stewart did not see why miniature bombs would be scary. After all, anything smaller is just cuter. His prime example for this was a miniature Cooper, a miniature Anderson Cooper. Stewart then continued the news clip and the presenter explained that miniature bombs could be attached to ballistic missiles and be a threat to the United States. Stewart then places miniature Anderson Cooper eating a Ritz cracker in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The second segment is the latest installment of Back in Black with Lewis Black. Let me start off with saying that I was so excited when the intro music to Back in Black started playing and Black did not disappoint. In this installment, Black spoke about celebrities weighing in on the gun control debate. He did a general summary of celebrities then moved on to action heroes. Sylvester Stallone thought that automatic guns were unnecessary since an army was unlikely to invade your home. Bruce Willis was concerned that messing with one right in the Bill of Rights would lead to negating the others. Chuck Norris believed that he could take care of an intruder with his round house kick, but he would rather use a gun. Finally, Jason Seagall is concerned with protecting the children. Black ended his rant (before a joke about hiding from intruders) by saying that these entertainers are doing their jobs. They are distracting us from noticing that our lawmakers are not doing anything about the problem.

The guest on this episode was Mike Piazza promoting his new book, Long Shot. Stewart and Piazza spent the interview promoting the book by talking about Piazza’s experiences in professional baseball. Piazza got drafted in the 62nd round of picks and managed to become a record-breaking catcher. Stewart and Piazza also talk about the baseball hall of fame and steroid use. Piazza related the steroid use to the cultural changes in baseball.

The episode was decently entertaining. I really enjoyed the Back in Black segment.



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