'The Daily Show' recap - 1/30/13

By Tori Kronz,
Gun Discussions and Jason Bateman

The January 30, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focused on gun control and the interview with Jason Bateman.

The episode began with coverage of Congress’ discussion on gun control. The focus at the beginning of the coverage was on the reasons congress people are presenting against gun control. Stewart played to expecting more discussion on the fascism of gun control, but instead the discussion centered around what would happen in the government failed and lawlessness ran wild. The rules under question here are in regards to items such as automatic weapons, tanks and napalm. Stewart played a clip of a woman telling a story to show why women need access to AR weapons (bigger weapons for those, like me, who do not know what that means). The story is very detailed until she was asked what type of gun was used and she could not remember. Stewart then moved on to what he called a less controversial issue, background issues. The question here is how intensive should background checks be. Should they include sales within a family, for instance? Stewart followed this us with a clip of a congressman saying that universal background checks will never be universal, because criminals will never submit to him. Stewart’s response was a sarcastic reply that we should only pass laws that criminals will immediately obey. The segment finished with a clip of the Baltimore County Police Chief saying that background checks work and should be implemented immediately.

The second segment was a continuation of the gun discussion with a focus on President Barack Obama. In order to pander a bit to the gun lobby and supporters, Obama came out saying that he skeet shoots with guests at Camp David “all the time.” The conservatives immediately jumped on this and grabbed onto “all the time.” If he goes skeet shooting all of the time, then where are the pictures? Stewart’s response was to ask why would a black man that half the country is afraid of not want to release a picture of himself holding a gun. Stewart did not understand why Obama is trying to win ober people he cannot win over. This discussion included Stewart reading a fake Dr. Seuss book called Oh the people who hate you.

The guest for this episode is Jason Bateman promoting Identity Thief. They spent most of talking about Melissa McCarthy and their chemistry. They also discussed how Bateman is frequently mistaken for other actors. The whole episode was a bit of a let down. The gun control segments were kind of boring. The interview was also kind of dull. Bateman is always funny, but this time it would probably be more accurate to put “kind of” in front of it.



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