'The Daily Show' recap - 2/19/13

By Tori Kronz,
Horsemeat, Russian Meteorites, Manatee Rides and Allison Brie

The February 19, 2013 episode of The Daily Show discusses why America has it good, manatee riding and Community with Allison Brie.

The episode opened with Jon Stewart talking about America having a hard time in the past couple of years. Stewart followed this explanation by introducing a segment meant to raise moral in America. He started by talking about the recent horse meat scandal with Burger King. The horse meat was from Romania and a French official suggested that the horsemeat was mislabeled as beef. This suggestion offended the Romanian leader. The second story meant to raise U.S. morale was the meteorite striking in Russia. It was apparently massive and no one predicted it would happen. All the footage shown (and it is pretty awesome and if you have not seen it, definitely check it out) was from dashboard mounted cameras which are a fad in Russia now. Stewart then turned up the sound on one of the videos to learn some curses in Russian. The driver did not say anything and Stewart asks how jaded Russian drivers are. It turns out that these cameras are a popular form of self-defense. They protect drivers from corrupt police and insurance fraud. Stewart said that the drivers in Russia are so jaded that even cows, after a mass cow tipping when a truck crashed, just got up like nothing happened.

The second segment was Al Madrigal covering a particular Tea Party initiative. Dr. Michael Coffman, an author and Tea Party speaker, told Madrigal that, despite their less successful election last year, the Tea Party is still very relevant. The Tea Party, Coffman said, is fighting to prevent the federal government from interfering in what should be state issues, such as manatee riding. A woman was recently arrested for riding a manatee after a photograph of her doing so was taken.

Madrigal also interviewed Pat Rose, a manatee protection activist, about the topic. Coffman argued that taking away the ability to ride manatees and the protection of other endangered species is just a way for the government to take away people’s personal property. Eventually the United Nations, he argued, is going to take away roads and communities and turn Western countries to third world counties. Rose’s reply was just “no.” Madrigal ended the segment by going to ride a manatee and failing to understand why anyone would want to ride a manatee.

The guest was Allison Brie from Community, Mad Men and a cover band, The Girls. They began talking about how Community had some issues getting to air for their fourth season, but they now are on air. Stewart then apologized for John Oliver’s attitude and explained it was because Oliver follows loves monarchy. They also discussed Brie’s childhood and her cover band. It was an interesting interview, but nothing terribly important or memorable was said. Allison is just as adorable as her character on Community, Annie, though.

The rest of the episode was great. The manatee riding story was classic Daily Show and I really enjoyed the videos from Russian dashboard cams. It made me pleasantly terrified of Russia.



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