'The Daily Show' recap - 2/21/13

By Tori Kronz,
Drones, Texas Seceding and Healthcare

The February 21, 2013 episode of The Daily Show included discussions about presidential appointments, drones, Texas’ succession and the healthcare system with Steven Brill.

The episode began with Jon Stewart discussing Republicans holding up the appointments for Secretary of Defense and CIA director and Democrats joining them. The Republicans want more information on Benghazi and the Democrats want more information on drones. President Barack Obama had said in his Address that he would be open about the drones, but now is offering more information on Benghazi instead of more on drone uses. Stewart asked what could be in the drone papers that Obama would prefer to release more information about Benghazi. Aasif Mandvi then reported from Washington D.C. about drones. Mandvi appeared to have the drone reports and was freaking out. Mandvi threw the report aside and panicked. He eventually reveals to Stewart that Obama can currently operate drones from his desk with a special Xbox controller and can kill anyone in America at anytime. After this revelation, Mandvi disguised himself as a tree to hide from the death drones.

The second segment was Jessica Williams reporting from Texas on Texan unhappiness with the government. She began by talking to Larry Kilgore and Lynn Troxol who hate the current United States Government. They are tired of living under a government that is taking their rights from them such as texting or talking on the phone and driving. Kilgore said that we are living under tyrants and Williams asked him to define tyrant for himself in comparison to everyone else’s definition. He gave the examples of Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln to illustrate. She then moves on to talk to Bob Wilson who believes that Texas never really joined the US, so they do not need to secede. She then had Kilgore and Troxol get all the people they could who agreed with them (they found two) and loaded them on a Mayflower truck and went the one plus miles to Wilson’s house. She got them in the house and ran off.

The guest for this episode was Steven Brill talking about the U.S. healthcare system. Brill recently wrote the cover story for Time, Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us. Stewart complimented Brill on his incredibly thorough journalism and told Brill had infuriating the information in the article was. The big topic for the interview was that the price of medical treatment has no direct correlation to cost. One hospital will charge something completely different for the same service. With other products, the example of shoes was used, the consumer can choose not to buy something or shop around for a better deal. With medical care, the option to refuse medical care or shop around is not available. Brill also explained how it is like there are two economies, the one everyone else is a part of and the healthcare one. Non-profit hospitals apparently make a lot of money and everyone, except for doctors and nurses, apparently make a lot of money.



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