'The Daily Show' recap - 2/25/13

By Tori Kronz,
Apologies, the Sequester and Boston Police

The February 26, 2013 of The Daily Show focused on apologizing to Dick Molpus, the Virginia love shack law, the sequester and Boston cops with Donnie Wahlberg.

The episode began with Jon Stewart bringing up the 19th century news skit from last Thursday. In that skit, Stewart was reporting that Mississippi finally ratified the 13th amendment after failing to file the paper work properly a few years earlier. Stewart blamed this failure on the then Mississippi secretary of state, Dick Molpus. Stewart admitted to using Molpus as an avatar for Mississippi’s failures to keep up with the times in regard to race and failing to consider that Molpus is a real person with a real Civil Rights records. Stewart and the rest of the staff failed to consider this fact in light on how funny they found Dick Molpus as a name. It turns out that Molpus has a very impressive Civil Rights record. Stewart added that no one from Moplus’ camp called to complain to The Daily Show, probably because they are too busy continuing to make the world a better place to even be aware that the show exists.

Stewart finished the segment talking about Virginia’s efforts to overturn the love shack law (though, surprisingly, he never used this name for it) which makes it illegal for unmarried couples to cohabitate. This news led to a new episode of 19th century news. The law has not been enforced since the 1990s when it was used to stall a woman’s business permit for a daycare because she lived with her significant other and was not married to him. Stewart ended the segment talking about a few other ridiculous laws in Virginia, such as not hunting on Sundays and no washing your donkey on the sidewalk.

The second segment was about the sequester. The sequester, Stewart reported, is a set of across the board spending cuts that Congress put in place as a deadline to force the President and Congress to come to an agreement on the budget. It has failed and the deadline is Friday. Stewart shared a bunch of these budget cuts: National park services would be cut, 700,000 civilian defense workers would have to take one day off a week (20 percent pay cut), fewer FBI agents, kids kicked out of childcare, fewer air traffic controllers, almost 4 million slashed to provide meals to needy seniors, meat shortages, almost 10 thousand fewer children will receive vaccines.

Samantha Bee covered the story from Washington where she reports everyone is bucket listing. President Barack Obama played golf with Tiger woods and the Republicans are dismissing Obama’s suggestions willy-nilly. Bee was planning to eat a panda.

The guest in this episode was Donnie Wahlberg promoting his new show, Boston’s Finest The show is a reality TV show (think documentary more than Jersey Shore) about Boston’s police officers. Wahlberg and Stewart spent the first half of the show talking about baseball before they finally move on to talking about the show. When they finally get around to talking about Boston’s Finest, Wahlberg told Stewart about how he was able to get the police officers to agree to do the show. He focused on the fact that it was always the officers’ decision whether or not they were being filmed at any time. If they were uncomfortable or felt unsafe, then the crews were to leave.

I enjoyed this episode. There was not anything amazingly funny, but it was all amusing.



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