'The Daily Show' recap - 2/4/13

By Tori Kronz,
Super Bowl, World News and Education with Michelle Rhee

The topics discussed in the February 4, 2013 episode of The Daily Show were the Super Bowl, events in other countries and education with Michelle Rhee.

The episode began with Jon Stewart talking about the touching tribute to gun violence that began the Super Bowl which quickly gave way to ads about things glorifying gun violence. Then Stewart talked about Beyoncé’s performance with two lucky contest winners (the other two members of Destiny’s Child). This discussion led to Stewart talking about the Super Bowl advertisements and the most talked about ad, the Godaddy.com ad where a Bar Refaeli was kissed by a nerdy engineer. The segment ended with a brief mention of Ray Lewis’ past and him saying that God does not allow murderers to work for his glory.

The second segment was a quick explanation of a couple of potential threats from other countries. The first was China hacking the New York Times and getting everyone’s email passwords. He then reported that while CNN was reporting the story China blacked out the story. Stewart clearly thought this was a weak threat at best. He then moved on to threats from Iran and talked about their goal to send a man into space. They recently sent a monkey into space to work towards this goal and it returned to Earth successfully. However, there is some question since people are saying the monkey that came back does not look like the monkey that left. Some are suggesting that the whole launch or the survival of the monkey is a hoax. Stewart then told Iran that messing with the United States may be dangerous, but now PETA will be going after them.

The guest for this episode was Michelle Rhee promoting her book, Radical:Fighting to Put Students First. They spent the interview talking about Rhee’s policies and why people thought they were radical. She responded that she saw her alteration as common sense and if common sense makes her radical then she is a radical. They probably spent the most time talking about how to make sure teachers are doing a good job and why teachers, as only one thing that affects education, are the main thing people complain about. If you could not tell from my bland and uninteresting summary,

I did not really enjoy this episode. Nothing really interesting was said about either the Super Bowl or the events in China or Iran. It seemed like these were events they felt like they needed to cover, but did not have much real interest in. This is disappointing, since one of the real draws of The Daily Show is that Stewart and the correspondents are usually able to at least appear passionate about their topics.



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