'Dallas' Episode recap: 'False Confessions'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Harris lying on the floor bleeding after being shot by Ann. His mother Judith, found him and screamed to Emma to call 911.

Shoot to Ann making it home in a daze and running upstairs to furiously wash her hands. Bobby found her, with the gun on the counter next to her. "What the hell have you done?" he asked. "I overheard you with Rolly. I couldn't let Harris get away with it. I shot him, Bobby," she said.

Shoot to the police knocking at the door. Harris was in critical condition. Ann's car was seen leaving his house. From the top of the stairs, Ann was stunned to learn that he wasn’t dead. Bobby prevented her from answering any questions. "I'm the one that you want to talk to, I shot Harris Ryland," Bobby told the police.

Shoot to the police cuffing Bobby and he asked for a minute with Ann. Christopher heard Ann confess. Bobby explained that it had to be this way because her daughter Emma would hate her forever if she found out Ann shot her father.

Shoot to her office as Pamela looked for information on the police investigation into Tommy's death. She insisted to Frank that it was self-defense, but he assured her the investigation wouldn’t get far without Tommy's body. Frank then told Pamela that he was surprised to see John Ross getting out of Pamela's bed. Pamela whispered to Frank that if the police started in on her, Frank would be the one in trouble since he got rid of the body. It’s clear on Frank’s face that he isn’t Pamela’s biggest fan.

Shoot to Lew meeting Bobby at the station. Christopher was frustrated that the police hadn’t charged Pamela yet for Tommy's death.

Shoot to out in the woods. Frank dug up Tommy's body. Then, he called JR, eager to turn over the body and get rid of Pamela. He also told JR that John Ross was sleeping with her.

Shoot to Bobby's bail being set at $1 million as Judith taunted Ann.

Shoot to JR getting the news about Bobby. John Ross wondered if it would be easier to get him out of Ewing Energies. "You still got a lot to learn, boy. When the family's in trouble, we don't take advantage," JR lectured.

Shoot to John Ross telling JR he was working Pamela, but JR told him that he was a step ahead, working with Frank to get rid of Pamela. John Ross wasn’t happy about this and called Sue Ellen.

Shoot to the Henderson drilling site. Drew looked at the drilling map and saw that the foreman had changed their approach for drilling through the salt dome. When the foreman (who took money from John Ross to botch the drilling) argued, Drew fired him.

Shoot to John Ross asking Sue Ellen to put him in touch with Cliff Barnes. He said it was just business. She warned him if John Ross made a move against JR with Cliff, he should be prepared to face the full weight of JR's fury. "I did it and I paid for it for years," she said. John Ross said what he was protecting was worth it. She then gave him Cliff's private number.

Shoot to the fired foreman, Brian, showing up at Ewing Energies. He told John Ross they had a problem but told Christopher he was there to see Elena. John Ross and Christopher had a brief threat filled exchange. Then, John Ross called Clyde to dig up dirt on Drew so he could get him fired.

Shoot back to Southfork. Bobby conferenced with JR, who immediately guessed that he was covering for Ann. JR offered to help with the judge if it came to that.

Shoot to Elena coming in angry to Drew's office. He showed her the maps and she realized Drew was right.

Shoot to John Ross meeting with Cliff Barnes and he told him that Frank was plotting against Pamela with JR. John Ross said he wass looking out for Pamela but Cliff didn't believe him.

Shoot to the stables. Sue Ellen tried to reassure Ann, telling her not to give up on a relationship with Emma.

Shoot to Christopher finding Brian, the foreman, at the bar, and tried to get him to admit John Ross put him up to sabotaging the well. Brian denied it. Then, a news report came on the TV announcing Tommy's body had been found.

Shoot back to Southfork. Christopher was disturbed to think Pamela might have actually killed Tommy. Lew stopped by and told them Harris had filed a complaint earlier after Bobby threatened him. He then added that because Lou he was a witness, he couldn’t represent Bobby, but he'd already gotten him a new lawyer. Lew also said that with Bobby's earlier assault charge against Harris, it made the shooting look premeditated, which meant he’s be facing 20 years.

Shoot to Harris's bedside. Judith told comatose Harris that he should have done better than Ann. She then vowed to take Bobby away from Ann to punish her.

Shoot to John Ross getting turned away from Pamela's place by security and he called her. He told her that Frank was setting her up with JR's help. She told him to go away.

Shoot to the police searching the woods around where Tommy's body was found and they find a gun. They ran tests on it and the body.

Shoot to Pamela frantically packing up, including her passport.

Shoot to the police racing to make an arrest. They knock on a door, but it wasn’t not Pamela's.

Shoot to them arresting Frank as Cliff went to visit his daughter.

Shoot to Cliff visiting Frank in lock-up. Frank accused him of planting his prints on the gun and putting it where police would find it. Cliff then asked Frank why he'd help JR. "Ever since you put Pamela in charge, she's treated me like a dog," Frank said. Cliff said that he should have come to him and that he raised Frank like a son to run the company with Pamela. Cliff then told Frank that his family would be provided for, but that he should do the honorable thing.

Shoot to Drew meeting with someone from a company he used to drive for. Drew took the keys to a big rig and drove off as Clyde watched.

Shoot to John Ross bringing Brian an envelope of cash as his "severance." Brian warned him that Christopher was after him. "It's good that he thinks he has a chance, that'll make it hurt more when he loses," John Ross said.

Shoot to Southfork. Bobby defended his actions to Christopher.

Shoot to Harris waking up and making a statement at the hospital.

Shoot to Lew coming to Southfork with the news. Ann told Bobby to let her take responsibility and they told Lew the truth about the shooting.

Shoot to the hospital. Harris told the police who shot him… Bobby. Lew also told them that Frank has been arrested for Tommy's death.

Shoot to Christopher going to the arraignment -- John Ross and Pamela were also in the gallery. Frank told the judge that Tommy lured Pamela into a con against the Ewing family and when she wanted out, Tommy threatened Pamela, so he killed him. He went on to say he also killed the real Rebecca Sutter.

Shoot to the gallery. Christopher started shouting that the judge was letting Pamela get away with murder. Meanwhile, Frank took a small pill from his jumpsuit, swallowed it, started convulsing and then he dropped to the carpet.



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