'Dallas' episode recap: 'Trial and Error'

By SarI N. Kent,

We open as Judith called for hospital security, as Ann demanded Harris tell the cops the truth…that she shot him, not Bobby. He refused. “This is the price you had to pay for thinking you could live in a world without his tender, loving care,” Harris told Ann, then he told her to kiss Bobby goodbye. She saw Emma on her way out and she had heard the whole thing. Emma asked Harris why he told the cops it was Bobby, if he knew it was Ann. He blamed it on the coma and Judith reminded her it wasn’t her place to question. Outside, Ann dropped her keys and noticed blood splatter across the toes of her boots.

Shoot to Ann going to the cops. She dropped her boots on the counter and confessed to shooting Harris.

Shoot to Pamela’s apartment. Cliff came down on Pamela for all the carnage she had caused. He told her that he wanted Ewing Energies, but couldn’t understand why she brought in John Ross, who was as Machiavellian as JR. She assured him that emotions would no longer be getting in the way, but he didn’t buy it.

Shoot to Southfork. Lew told Chris, Elena and Bobby that the boots were sufficient evidence to dismiss Harris’ false charges and to indict Ann. He told them that his plan was to go with a sudden impassioned defense, that she shot him as a result of extreme duress. Meanwhile, JR checked out Harris’ bio on his website and took a call from Cliff, who told him that John Ross was the one who sold him out.

Shoot to one month later, as the trial against Ann began and the courthouse was mobbed with press. Court was called to session and Judith was first on the stand. She testified that Ann stayed out late, spending money and picking up men, and that once Ann was pregnant all she wanted was an abortion. Lew objected, calling Judith's testimony biased. The judge agreed and asked Judith to step down. She was distraught and the judge threatened to hold her in contempt. Then, he called a recess.

Shoot to outside. John Ross called Clyde, who let him know about Drew’s dirty freight runs to Laredo. Noting Sue Ellen’s morality clause, John Ross told Clyde to take Drew down. Meanwhile, Christopher and Elena found Lew prepping Pamela as a character witness. Christopher accused her of having a hand in Tommy’s murder. Pamela reminded him that Tommy hurt her. She warned Christopher to stop his witch hunt or she’d move Barnes Global, and the babies, to Bermuda. Later, she thanked John Ross for warning Cliff about Frank.

Cliff replied that he loved Frank, and Pamela thought that deep down maybe she hated him for that. John Ross later tried to comfort her, but she pulled back. Cliff told Pamela that he thought they were no good together and she ended it. John Ross seemed upset. Later, Sue Ellen urged JR to forgive John Ross.

Meanwhile, Christopher and Bobby saw Mr. Cano being led out and found out he had an extradition hearing. Cano reminded Christopher of their unfinished business as he was led off. Back in session, testimony from police and forensics casted doubt on Ann’s crime of passion plea and Sue Ellen and Pamela testified on Ann’s behalf.

Shoot to Clyde following Drew to a barbecue restaurant and smashed out his rear taillight while he was inside. Later, Drew got pulled over. Clyde recorded everything as Drew was arrested for hauling smuggled goods.

Shoot to Drew calling Elena while she is in court and she drove to Waco to bail him out.

Shoot to inside the court bathroom. JR forgave John Ross when they got the news that Drew had been arrested. Later, Harris testified that Ann had left baby Emma at home (alone) while she got drunk, and that he took Emma to protect her. Then, Ann testified that Harris was the first person to pay attention to her and that they were happy. She added that Judith began to interfere and made Harris believe that she was seeing other men. He then tried to control her like he had been controlled, and she realized the marriage was a mistake.

She went on to say that after Emma was born she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and put on medication, and that she left the baby with Judith so she could go see a divorce lawyer. When Harris learned about the divorce, he forced her to see a doctor, who gave her more meds. Ann then testified that the day of the fair she took a few more pills than she should have and couldn’t think straight. She said she left Emma in her stroller and went to get a soda and when she turned back, Emma was gone.

Shoot to outside the courthouse. Christopher urged Emma to make things right and tell the truth…not someone else’s version, but her own. Later, Emma testified that she had heard Ann say she shot Harris and wished he was dead. Emma then said that Harris had the biggest heart in the world and that she woke up every morning grateful that she was rescued from her mom. During the recess, Christopher told Pamela that he agreed to mediation for the children. She then let him feel the babies kick, and he started to cry.

Shoot to Pamela’s apartment. Cliff congratulated Pamela for getting Christopher to the negotiating table.

Shoot to a restaurant. Ann, Bobby, Christopher, Lew and Sue Ellen waited for the jury to reconvene. Ann was heartbroken by Emma’s testimony. Then, Lew got the call that court would reconvene in the morning.

Shoot to the courtroom. Ann was found guilty of attempted murder. Emma ran out of the courtroom as Ann was placed into custody. Bobby assured her that they would figure it out while Harris and Judith looked pleased. Ann was taken to lockup as Cano was taken out with a smile on his face.



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