'Dark Skies' producer gushes about Keri Russell 's 'super-strength' in film (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Former Felicity actress Keri Russell reveals a tough side in her new thriller, Dark Skies. The normally sweet and loveable Russell takes on the role of a woman out to protect her family from evil in the Scott Stewart-directed film.

Producer Josh Blum gushed about the 36-year-old actress, who has a reoccurring role in The Americans, telling E! News, “She's a trooper. She was game for anything…She was willing to do anything."

Among the more impressive scenes in the film is when Russell bangs her head against a window, so hard in fact that she causes the window to shatter!

Blum notes, “She did knock her head against the glass. It's not as hard as it seems in the movie, but it wasn't lightly either."

"She is superstrong," he adds. "She didn't get hurt so it was fun to watch."

Dark Skies, which hits theaters tonight, costars Josh Hamilton, Dakoya Goyo and Kadan Rockett.

Check out the trailer here:



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