David Beckham shows off his body in new ad for H&M bodywear line (video)

By Xingye Li,

David Beckham is heading into the fashion industry. After launching his collection of David Beckham bodywear at H&M, Beckham also appears in the ad, directed by Guy Ritchie, to promote the line.

In this 1 minute 40 second ad, Beckham’s bathrobe was trapped in the door of the family Range Rover and left Beckham in only his green boxer shorts and a tank. Beckham had to chase after the car because the front door locked him out. After running through a backyard and a tennis court, diving into a pool, and losing his tank along the way, Beckham didn’t catch the Rover, but proves the utility of his boxers.

The Sherlock Holmes director said that rather than shooting an advertisement, it felt like “directing a short film.” Ritchie also praises Beckham as “the perfect leading man,” reported New York Daily News.

Beckham himself was also excited for this role. He said, “I loved doing it and people will get to see me play a role I’ve never done before.”

USA Today reported that the French-born creative director Marc Atlan came up with this idea two years ago.

Beckham’s bodywear line is available in stores now, offering a range of colors from dark navys, reds and utility greens.



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