'Deception' recap

By Nicole Allen ,

Eddie and Sophia do not want Joanna in the house at all. Every chance they get to express this, they do. In contrast, Bowers Senior feels bad and really wants to keep Joanna safe in the house. This makes it difficult for Joanna to get to know Edward because he definitely does not like her or trust her at all.

Joanna’s car does not start so she takes Julian up on his offer to give her a ride to the train. This way she won't be late on her first day of work for Mr. Bowers. Once she gets there, Joanna learns that she is only his assistant; she is to take his phone calls and make sure he keeps up with the appointments on his calendar. While in the office, Joanna overhears a conversation between Mr. Bowers and his old secretary Hannah. Joanna has taken her place.

Hannah is upset that Mr. Bowers did not help her move up the ranks more in her career. She is disappointed because she thought that sleeping with him would make her more qualified. It did not. Because she is so angry, she threatens him about the heated conversation he had with his son the night Vivian died. She said that she would tell. Hannah is still upset and wants revenge. She has the nerve to enter the Bowers house and tell Mr. Bowers’ wife Sophia that they had an affair with Robert for two years. Sophia is not surprised by this news at all. In fact, she admits to knowing about the affair for a long time. Before leaving the property, Hannah warns Joanna about the company and tells her to leave now.

This little stunt gets Hannah into a lot of trouble. As a result of her actions, a member of the Bowers house staff Breyban attacked her brother and broke both of his knees. This is extremely detrimental, because her brother is a basketball player. This was sending a message to Hannah to keep her mouth shut. After her brother was attacked, Hannah told Will that she was no longer interested in talking about the Bowers family.

Another flashback reveals the real reason Joanna left their house to begin with. Her mother caught her and Julian in bed together. After this, the mother felt that Joanna was becoming too much like them. She told Joanna that being like them would always have a price.

Mia sits with a classmate in the park. She tells him that her sister had been clean for months and that there was no way she could have overdosed. On the other hand, the medical examiner does not want to rule her death a homicide because there is no solid evidence that she was murdered.

Mia later has a talk with Joanna. She tells Joanna that she knew about Vivian’s pregnancy and that she was in love with Ben. She also told Joanna that Vivian thought someone was following her.

When Joanna returns to the house she hears gun shots. Edward is hunting. And he asks her to join. How different? They used to be friends. He taught her her how to drive. He brings up her past and questions her about her abusive husband. Edward says he feels like a murderer just because people feel that he is. He tells Joanna to go home, this isn't the safe place, and you think it is.



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