Demi Lovato went to a photo shoot just hours after injuring her leg

By April Chieffo,

Nothing can stop Demi Lovato, not even a leg injury.

A few weeks ago the 20-year-old “ Give Your Heart a Break” singer slipped in her home, which left her with a serious leg injury that put her in a cast. A few hours after her serious fall, though, she was right back to work.

"I slipped and fell in my living room and, God bless my roommate, but she's not used to cleaning and so she actually ‘Pledged’ the floors... Needless to say that didn't go very well,” she told Extra in Los Angeles this week.

She explained that she didn’t have much time to rest. She had a photo shoot for her new single, “Heart Attack” the same day.

"Thank God I went, because it's my favorite photo shoot I've ever done and they were able to shoot it so you don't see my foot,” she said.

Lovato will release her new single on March 4. She has to sport her cast for a few more weeks, but that hasn’t slowed her down. According to Celebrity Red Carpet, just this week, she attended the TopShop grand opening in LA and performed blinged out cast and all.

Photos: Fox/ Instagram



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