Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea as goodwill ambassador

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
He'll meet the oppressive dictator, who is reportedly one of his biggest fans.

Basketball and pop culture pariah Dennis Rodman has made his way to North Korea. He will reportedly meet with the dictator and make public appearances in the county.

According to The Associated Press, Rodman is in the country as something of a diplomat, along with several Harlem Globetrotters and members of VICE. They’re reportedly there for some pickup basketball games and to make an appearance on a state-run news program that will be aired on HBO later.

VICE is a New York City-based media company that publishes magazines, a website and has its own record label. They like to cover international politics, and the publication has been quite outspoken about Korea lately, including daring the rogue government to make good on its threats to nuke the U.S.

The six-foot-six Rodman is clearly unlike anything the country with a notoriously short population has ever seen. According to the Washington Post, one North Korean on the street was quoted as saying “He looks like a monster!”

According to the report, Rodman’s agent said that he was invited, and he will likely be meeting with dictator Kim Jong-un, who has often been labeled as an enemy of the United States.

Kim is reportedly a fan of Rodman’s Chicago Bulls in the nineties and an NBA fanatic, according to Time.

Escalation in tensions with the has been a hot topic in United States foreign relations as of late, especially after the totalitarian regime allegedly tested a nuclear weapon underground and indicated that it was meant as a threat to the U.S.



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