Designer John Galliano draws attention for Hasidic Jewish outfit, earns support from Anti-Defamation League

By Daniel S Levine,

Disgraced designer John Galliano was welcomed back to New York Fashion Week nearly two years after being fired from Christian Dior for Anti-Semitic comments. Some said he hadn’t learned anything after being spotted wearing a Hasidic Jewish style outfit on Tuesday. However, the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish rights group, is supporting Galliano, saying that it is just “John Galliano being John Galliano.”

Galliano was seen wearing a top hat and curly ringlets, making him look like a Hasidic Jew. According to The New York Post, he is in NYC to work with Oscar de la Renta, thanks to Vogue’s Anna Wintour. The Post spoke to socialite Kelly Bensimon, fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone and others who criticized Galliano’s look.

“I don’t really get the expression after the incident. I don’t think it’s the time for it,” Cutrone said.

The Jewish Daily reports that the ADL is surprisingly defending Galliano, noting that they have tried to help him reform since his 2011 comments.

“This is John Galliano being John Galliano. His dress is always eccentric and his hair is always worn long,” ADL chief Abraham Foxman said in a statement. “This is, at the very least, ignorance … or, at worst, a deliberate, malicious distortion.”

Foxman added, “He is trying very hard to atone.”

Galliano was infamously fired by Dior in 2011 after making comments suggesting that he liked Adolf Hitler and other Anti-Semitic comments. He blamed them on alcohol and drug use and has continued to meet with Foxman over the past 18 months.

“This guy is trying...I’m not soft on people who say, ‘Hitler’s my hero,’” Foxman said, reports The New York Daily News.



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