‘Dexter’ star Jennifer Carpenter: Season 8 will ‘wear you the f*** out’

By April Chieffo,
'Dexter' season 8 premieres June 30

On Dexter, season 7 ended with a new chapter beginning in Dexter and Deb's lives. With the events of the finale in mind, Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb, says this season will definitely be very satisfying.

Production on season 8 begins this month with a premiere set for June 30. Though she couldn’t reveal too much, Carpenter says this coming season will “wear you out.”

“Our first read-through was today,” she tweeted. “I can't say anything, but... We're gonna wear u the fuck out!! Rest up! You're gonna need it ;).”

When the season finale aired in December, Showrunner Scott Buck expressed his desires for the eighth, and maybe final, season of Dexter. He had hopes that Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah McKay would return. At the time, he also revealed that the new season would be about revealing more about Dexter and his past.

“We'll learn more about Dexter's origins through Harry. Stories that we haven't done that are new to Dexter as well. We'll discover things he didn't know about himself. We might see something in the manner of flashbacks,” Buck said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, adding this season will be different when it comes to a “big bad.”

He said, “It will be a very different type of big bad than we've ever seen before. It'll be someone unlike anything we've seen in Dexter's life before.”

Strahovski’s return has not been confirmed, but if she were to return, Hannah's feelings toward Dexter would be sour. While the series may move on without her, Strahovski is coincidentally back in L.A. Two key characters in the coming season have been cast, however.

Entertainment Weekly reported that British actress Charlotte Rampling plays a significant role this season. She has been cast as a neuro-psychiatrist who specializes in working with young psychopaths. Sean Patrick Flannery has been cast in the role of Jacob Elroy, an ex-cop and owner of a private investigation company.

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