The diva debate: Can you stay loyal to just one?

By Christopher Rosa,

In July of last year, I purchased tickets to go see Madonna's concert in November. I was elated. One of the first tidbits my friends learn about me is I am a "Madonna-vore." I have loved her since I was 15 and, five years later, the love has not gone away.

However, I also love other artists similar to Madonna. In December, I was invited to attend Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball Tour Atlanta stop in March (which has since been cancelled). I expressed my excitement via Facebook, only to get some serious backlash from my friends. "You can't like Madonna AND Lady Gaga," a friend of mine said, "You have to choose just one."

Was he right? Is it impossible to adore two divas with a long-standing rivalry? After all, I did chuckle when Madonna's seamlessly interwove Gaga's "Born this Way" into her song "Express Yourself" during her concert. Critics argue Gaga ripped off Madonna's "Express" with "BTW." After Madge's shade, I see why--the two songs sound frighteningly similar.

I got to thinking about divas, rivalries, and loyalty. We exist in a music industry that notoriously pits female singers against one another: Mariah v. Whitney, Christina v. Britney, Lindsay v. Hilary, Selena v. Miley, and the list goes on and on. If you express love for one female, by default, you must hate her rival. So, me getting excited about attending a Gaga concert after declaring myself loyal to Madonna is committing the cardinal sin of diva fandom.

However, I must confess I find all of this preposterous. When my friend commented on my Facebook, I cheekily responded, "I can adore the Queen of Pop (Madonna) and Queen of Dance (Gaga) equally, thank you very much!" And I stand by my statement. Just because you find yourself hitting all of Whitney's high notes in your room does not mean you have to scoff every time Mariah comes on the radio. Likewise, if you don a Britney Spears t-shirt, don't be afraid to blast Christina in your car. As Madonna famously said, "music makes the people come together." And it should also let the divas live in harmony.

So, to anyone who says you must be "Team Rihanna," "Team Katy," "Team Kylie," or "Team Beyonce," I have this to say: how about we all just play for "Team Good Music?"

That's the one team with no rivalries at all.

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