Dodge tugs at heart strings in its Super Bowl commercial

By Alexi Knock,

During the Super Bowl on Sunday night, one of the most talked about commercials was Dodge’s over two-minute long speech about farmers by the late radio personality Paul Harvey.

The spot featured Harvey’s 1978 “So God Made a Farmer” speech with an array of emotional images of farmers out on the field doing their work, sitting at dinner with their families and taking care of animals.

Dodge Ram hired several famous photographers for the job, including Kurt Markus and National Geographic photographer William Albert Allard.

Right after the commercial, Rob Lowe tweeted “God made a farmer. Yes. Not hip, no gimmicks. Not trying to be funny. Just great. #SuperBowl.”

According to Esquire magazine’s tweet, “The Dodge Ram ad was the ballsiest of this year's Super Bowl.”

Dodge Ram representatives stated that 2013 will be the year of farmers for the truck line.

The spot wasn’t the only emotional commercial Chrysler aired during the Super Bowl. Another two-minute spot featured Oprah Winfrey’s voice thanking the U.S. armed forces.



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