Dolphin trapped in fishing line is freed

By Deana DeLisio,

Lifeguards and SeaWorld employees rescued a dolphin that was caught in a fishing line off the coast of San Diego on Friday.

ABC Local reported that a kayaker spotted the young dolphin, who was visibly in need of assistance, about a mile off La Jolla.

With the help of SeaWorld experts, rescuers were able to use a pole to gather the 50- to 100-foot line and free the distressed mammal from the grip of the netting.

The dolphin had attempted to free itself, but was unsuccessful. Bottle-nosed dolphins travel in groups, and the other dolphins tried to aid their trapped friend and also stayed nearby as he tried to free himself.

Keith Yipp, SeaWorld’s mammal curator, told the media that it is evident that the dolphin had been stuck in the line for weeks, and not only does the mammal appear tired but was probably not able to eat for the duration.

According to the Science Recorder, Lifeguard Marcus Schreiber told NBC7 that the dolphin was “just a little guy” and was “pretty tired.”



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