Drake and Chris Brown sue each other over last year's nightclub brawl

By Daniel S Levine,

Last June’s nightclub brawl between Chris Brown and Drake is starting to feel like a never-ending story. It has taken another twist, with Brown and Drake suing each other in an attempt to get a judge to blame either one for the fight.

According to TMZ, French model Romain Julien said that he suffered injuries during the fight, which took place at W.i.P. in New York. He names both singers and the club as defendants in the suit, but Brown and Drake don’t want to take equal responsibility for trashing the club and injuring bystanders.

The two have now filed court documents asking a judge to pick one or the other as the guilty party responsible. Both say that they aren’t responsible for the fight and want the guilty party to be the only one to pay damages if Julien is victorious in court.

The fight allegedly started over comments about Rihanna. Although police have closed their investigation, there are plenty of legal loose ends remaining. Drake and Brown were sued by the club owners, and then NBA star Tony Parker, who first filed a $20 million lawsuit against the nightclub for his injuries. However, earlier this month, Parker updated his lawsuit, citing Brown’s unstable behavior as proof that the club made a mistake by admitting him.

Brown was also recently implicated in a fight with hip-hop artist Frank Ocean, but since Ocean isn’t filing charges, the police has closed its investigation.



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