DreamWorks Animation’s ‘The Croods’ could be studio’s next franchise

By Daniel S Levine,

DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods doesn’t even open in the U.S. for another month, but the studio is already talking about it like it could be its next franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that at the film’s Berlin Film Festival world premiere, director Chris Sanders sounded as if he would work with co-director Kirk De Micco again for a Croods 2.

“The nature of this film was the road trip,” Sanders said, noting that The Croods took more pre-production than usual, which would make a sequel easier to make. “So if we did have to put together another film quickly, we'd have a lot of spare parts to work with.”

Nicolas Cage, who voices one of the main characters and knows a thing or two about franchises, said he would be more than willing to come back.

“Yes, I would like to see another adventure with The Croods,” Cage told the press, reports the AFP.

Cage said that he recorded his role over two years, but didn’t downplay the importance of playing a character in an animated film.

“Fifty percent of a performance is voice, and I consider all acting to be music on some level, so this was an opportunity to stay in tune with my instrument,” the Oscar winner explained. “I just look at the lines as they were written that day and have at it. I'd be remembering images from my past, conjuring things up, as remote as a television commercial. And they could cherry-pick what worked and what didn't.”

Emma Stone also made the trip to Berlin to promote the film and plays Eep. This is her first animated film role, but she enjoyed every minute. She called it, “one of the most fun things I've ever gotten to do.”

The Croods hits theaters on March 22. You can check out the latest trailer here:



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