'Elementary' episode recap: 'The Deductionist'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Holmes enjoying a floor show in his house by two scantily clad chicks, who are enjoying each other and then him, as they handcuff him to a chair and kiss on him. Then, they stop kissing him and start robbing him. It was a setup for the cops, who then bust the women. Holmes asks to keep the handcuffs.

Shoot to the next day as Holmes practices whacking a dummy with a "single stick."

Shoot to Watson announcing that she needs to go to her apartment to check on her sublettees. He is confused by this. She calls it her “sanctum sanctorum,” which she sublets when she has a job. She chats with her landlord about her whistling radiator when she comes home. He tells her he saw a porno film that was shot in her apartment. It turns out that her sublettees were in fact making a porno movie in her apartment. Her landlord says he's evicting her because of it. Watson confronts her sublettee and he says he needed the money to pay the rent since his serious "documentary filmmaking" wasn't drawing any interest.

Shoot to viewers seeing a patient arrive at a hospital, Mr. Ennis. He is there to donate a kidney to his sister, who he won't be allowed to see. He is anesthetized for the surgery and then the police remove his cuffs, but he was just faking, he grabs a scalpel and attacks everyone in the OR, kills the guards, doctors, and nurse and skedaddles before the surgery is performed.

Shoot to viewers learning that Mr. Ennis is a serial killer, who beat his victims. Gregson, Holmes, and Watson go to see the carnage in the OR. Holmes figures out what he did with the anesthesia and the fake out. Ennis wrote a message in blood on the door: Shedir. It's a name for the star Cassiopeia.

Shoot to the profiler who helped put Ennis away, Katherine Drummond. She returns to run point for the case. She wrote a book about Ennis in which she theorized that he was sexually abused by his parents. She was sued for libel but it was thrown out of court. Holmes worked with her in London when a U.S. serial killer crossed the pond. He calls her a buffoon and a snake oil salesman like all profilers. Katherine comes over to say hello and gloats about Holmes’s "troubles."

Shoot to Ennis’s sick sister, who needs the kidney transplant. She feels terrible that it was her that sprung him and says that they weren’t in touch otherwise. She then says that she's glad that Katherine is helping since she helped catch Ennis the first time.

Shoot to Holmes looking at a model of Cassiopeia and it seems like Ennis's victims are chosen based on a pattern in it. Watson thinks it's great he discerned this but Holmes thinks it's a red herring on Ennis's part to watch the cops scramble. He also confesses to Watson that he slept with Katherine, which Watson now thinks explains the frostiness between them. Watson then agrees with him about the red herring.

Shoot to Ennis grabbing another young woman, as well as killing several people in a convenience store. He has her take his picture as he’s holding up a newspaper with his face on the front page. He then leaves the woman alive and leaves the store. Holmes can't figure out the message that Ennis is leaving by these actions.

Shoot to Watson finding out why Holmes really hates Katherine. She profiled him. She never used his name but in a psychiatric journal, she referred to him as "the deductionist." She betrayed him. Even worse, she predicted his struggles with addiction and also predicted that he would come to a bad end.

Shoot to Gregson expressing his frustration with Katherine about her not being of much help as a profiler. Watson says maybe the confusion is the point. Ennis then calls the station. Gregson chats with him and he addresses Katherine. Holmes deduces that Ennis hates her because she "solved" him and "demystified" him and now he's going to violate her profile of him. Ennis is impressed by this and knows that he's "The Deductionist,” since he mentions that he read everything Katherine wrote. Ennis then says he wants to ruin her because she ruined his family and he says his father was a good man who didn't abuse him. His father killed himself and his mother died shortly thereafter. He then tells Gregson that it would be easy to stop and that he just wants Katherine. Holmes thinks this is reasonable.

Shoot to Holmes confronting Katherine about her claims of sexual abuse in the Ennis family. He wonders if she truly cut corners and just made it up. He chats with Watson about it, who reassures him that Katherine's profile of him didn't all come true. She then notices that he's watching the porn made in her house. He isn't trying to get off, he's just obsessed with the continuity errors in it. Watson then notices one of her own.

Shoot to Watson and Holmes meeting with Gregson on a false tip that Ennis broke into his sister's house. Watson and Holmes discover that her house is ripe with things that are the exact opposite of what a person with kidney problems should be consuming. She was sabotaging herself. It turns out that she was in cahoots with her brother. She was also angry about the death of her parents in the wake of Katherine's book. Ennis convinced her to poison herself so he could go free during the kidney transplant and take Katherine down. Katherine goes to her and apologizes for making the abuse allegations in her book and the sister attacks her with scissors. She survives and the sister is arrested.

Shoot to Ennis calling Gregson again. He tries to cover his tracks by fiddling with a radio dial while he talks to Gregson, but Holmes tracks him down thanks to discerning the overlap between two stations that Ennis dialed by while he called Gregson. Ennis recognizes him as "The Deductionist." Holmes has laid out a gun and a set of handcuffs. He says if he goes for the handcuffs he'll be the coward profiled by Katherine, but if he goes for the gun he'll go against the profile. He warns that if he goes for the gun, Holmes will go for him. Ennis goes for the gun and Holmes beats him down with his "single stick," disarming him. The cops then take Ennis in.

Shoot to after Watson watches the porn movie and seeing a continuity error: In some scenes her radiator had electrical tape on it, in some it didn't. Watson deduces that her landlord was there the whole time so he knew what was going on. He used it as an opportunity to claim she violated her lease and so he can evict her from her rent-controlled apartment and charge market price for the rent. She points out that he participated in filming of an unlicensed production. So, she's moving out, but tells the landlord that he'll be paying to put all her stuff in storage until she finds a place and $1,200 for a new couch considering what happened on it.



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