‘Elementary’ episode recap: 'Details'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Watson coming home. The light bulb is out in the foyer as she calls out for Holmes. Then, a masked intruder makes his presence known. He tells Watson, “I’ll let you live if you tell me where Holmes is.” Watson goes for a tire iron she concealed nearby by the masked intruder holds it up and says, “Looking for this?” He again repeats his threat.

Watson tries to get away but stumbles and falls to the ground. “Pathetic,” says the intruder, who is actually Holmes. Watson gets up and hits Holmes and screams back at him, “What’s your damage?” Holmes replies that since Watson was held at gunpoint recently by a criminal who infiltrated the brownstone when he wasn’t there, he thought an exercise in self-defense was warranted. He also reveals that he’d never forgive himself if something happened to her. Holmes then tells Watson that he’s spoken to a number of martial arts experts in the city and is hoping that one of them will agree to train Watson. Watson, who is still angry, marches upstairs as Holmes says, “You’ve been warned.”

Shoot to Bell driving. He leaves a message for Gregson that a suspect “finally copped to that holdup is Queens.” Bell then says that he’s headed home and that he’ll bring Gregson “up to speed in the morning.” Someone is clearly following Bell as he’s driving. The driver starts honking at Bell, who thinks the driver just wants to pass him by so he waves the driver to go around him. The driver then swerves alongside Bell’s car and opens fire. It looks like Bell is hit and his car hits a skid and flips over.

Shoot to Gregson, Holmes and Watson examining Bell’s car. Holmes says that the gun used held a large magazine but he wasn’t a “marksman.” Then, Bell appears only seeming to have a sight head graze and says, “Thank G-d for bad aim.” Holmes says the bullets were fired in three-round bursts, which means that the assailant had “high-level fire arm augmentation.” Holmes then tells Bell that if he hadn’t have jerked his wheel, he’d have come out it without a scratch thanks to the assailant’s very bad aim. Holmes then says that the minute he heard about the attempt on Bell’s life, he looked into Bell’s case history to see who would want him dead. “In my humble opinion, there’s no greater compliment an investigator can receive.” Watson then remarks that Holmes should look again to see who wanted to “compliment” Bell, but then Bell says that he knows who did it.

Shoot to Bell giving Holmes Curtis Bradshaw’s police file, he’s an “old-school gangster, and all-around scumbag” according to Bell. He goes on to say that he was the “target of detail I had back in ’09.” Holmes reads in Bradshaw’s file that he was suspected of crimes of “racketeering, torture and murder. He was arrested in 2011 on mere possession of stolen property. Sentenced to three years and served 18 months.” Bell then says that one of the members of the detail got “frustrated” because Bradshaw knew how to “fly under the radar,” so he stole some heroin and planted it in Bradshaw’s house. Bradshaw was arrested but an anonymous tip came in and they had to turn Bradshaw loose. Bell then added that after they still couldn’t find enough evidence against Bradshaw for the drug trafficking. Then, Holmes interrupts saying that Bell got him on a lesser charge to get him off the street. Bell then says he put away a lot of Bradshaw’s men and he told Bell at his trial that he’d come after him. Bell then says the car that shot at him was “Bradshaw’s baby.” Gregson wants Holmes to come with him to question Bradshaw.

Shoot to a female officer giving Bell a phone message. The female officer tells Bell that she’s glad he’s okay and walks away. Then, Holmes asks Bell, “How many times did you and her have sex?” Bell brushes him off but clearly Holmes was right. Holmes also noticed that the female officer boxes from her bruised knuckles and tells Watson he wondered if the female officer would be agreeable to sparring with her.

Shoot to Gregson, Holmes and Watson finding Bradshaw and some of his buddies in a park. Gregson asks Bradshaw if he could ask him some questions. Bradshaw is obnoxious but Gregson still asks him where was between 10:00 and 10:30 the night before. Bradshaw asks Gregson why and he tells him about the attempt on Bell the night before. Bradshaw replies that he heard about it on the news. Gregson then tells Bradshaw that his car was seen leaving the area. Bradshaw replies that the car was stolen two nights ago. Gregson asks Bradshaw if he reported the car was stolen and Bradshaw jokes that he was going to that day. Gregson again asks for Bradshaw’s alibi but then one of his friends says he was with him at the movies. Then, another of Bradshaw’s friends says he was with him at a card game. Holmes then interrupts and bets Bradshaw that he can’t make a basket that’s a considerable feet away. Bradshaw laughs as Holmes says that if he wins Bradshaw tells them where he abandoned the car. If Bradshaw wins, he tells them nothing. Holmes of course, doesn’t make the basket.

Shoot to Bell with a bag of groceries. He goes to see a guy at an apartment, who is mad that he had to hear about Bell’s brush with death on the news. It’s the guy who left Bell a message at the station. He said he used his “code name” because he knows Bell doesn’t like him calling him there. He wanted to know he was okay. The guy offers to ask around just who has that type of “hardware” after Bell tells him what gun was used. “Not without violating your parole,” Bell remarks. Bell gives the guy the bag of groceries and he thanks him. The guy then says he’s going to ask his PO for a better job since eating the “unsold burgers I’m eating at my job are making me sick.” Bell is clearly looking around the apartment and the guy, Andre, gets mad. Bell says that since Andre has only been out a couple of weeks, he’s just looking out for him. “You don’t gotta look out for me, I’ll look out for you. I’m the big brother,” Andre tells Bell. Andre adds that he knows that Bell is “embarrassed having an ex-con in the family. But it is what it is.”

Shoot to Holmes on the computer at home, with Watson, remembering that Bell said that Bradshaw is “smarter than your average thug.” Watson then pulls out the file on the cop who planted the heroin, Mickey Hudson. Watson thinks he’d be a good person to talk to and Holmes agrees but then says that Hudson is dead. He was brought up on charges in 2011 and committed suicide shortly before his trial. “Nothing makes a smart man stupider than a thirst for vengeance,” Holmes tells Watson referring to Bradshaw’s personal beef against Bell. Holmes then thanks Watson for her help with the files and Watson replies, “Bell is practically family at this point.” Holmes replies that Bell has seemed to have grown to appreciate his methods. “And if he’s murdered, I’ll have to start over with another detective,” Holmes adds wryly. Watson then tells Holmes that she’s going to order some Thai takeout and asks if he wants something. He then throws a tennis ball hard at her back. When she asks him why he did that, he replies that it could have been a knife and reminds her of his promise to keep checking her reflexes until he can find potential trainers. Watson then points out that the only person who’s been hurting her lately is Holmes. Holmes wants to spar with Watson, who walks over to Holmes’ wall of locks and throws it over saying, “Do it again.”

Shoot to a woman telling a man that he can’t sit on her stoop. The man doesn’t move. The woman gets angry, thinking he’s a homeless man and says she’s calling the police. But, we see its Bradshaw and he’s dead.

Shoot to Holmes examining Bradshaw’s body on the stoop. The female officer from before is there too and looks oddly at Holmes’ methods. Holmes tells the female officer that he knows her name is Paula. “Officer Reyes,” Paula corrects him. Holmes mentions their mutual acquaintance, Bell, “though I haven’t seen him naked,” Holmes adds. Reyes’ male partner, who Holmes mentioned before Reyes doesn’t like, tells Holmes to be more respectful. Holmes then asks Reyes where she boxes. Reyes asks Holmes how he knew she boxed but Holmes tell her to stop talking. He kneels down on the ground and smells the muddy footprint by Bradshaw’s body. Gregson approaches he scene. He tells Holmes that the media “is already working a ‘killer cops’ angle.’” Holmes then tells Gregson that the media is right and that’s he found evidence that Bell killed Bradshaw.

Shoot to Holmes and Gregson going to see Bell at his apartment. Holmes shows Bell a picture of the muddy footprint he took with his phone. “It’s a size 10,” Holmes tells Bell. Holmes elaborates that the boot print was from a Pergotti shoe. He then adds that he remembered Bell wearing Pergottis with a summer suit. Bell asks Gregson if he’s a suspect and then says there were two uniformed cops posted outside his door last night in case Bradshaw come after him again. Holmes then says he could think of six different ways Bell could have given the officers the slip and killed Bradshaw. Bell then asks Holmes if he believed he killed Bradshaw. Holmes replies that anyone can kill given the right circumstances but he doesn’t think Bell did it. Gregson then asks for a minute alone with Bell. Holmes goes to the “water closet.” Gregson then tells Bell that he’s on “administrative duty.” Bell is upset but Gregson says they “have to color inside the lines on this so when it’s over, everyone knows you’re clean.” Holmes abruptly comes out of the “water closet” and leaves. Gregson promises Bell that they’ll find the real murderer before he follows Holmes.

Shoot to Watson talking with her therapist about being held at gunpoint with Holmes and his ex-drug dealer Rhys. She adds that Rhys shot the gunman but Watson got him stabilized until the paramedics arrived. The therapist then asks if the gunman survived and Watson says that he did. The therapist then asks Watson if she’s inexperienced any post-traumatic stress symptoms. Watson says no. The therapist reminds Watson that she hasn’t told Holmes that her contract as his “sober companion” as expired. Watson then tells the therapist how Holmes has been pushing her to learn self-defense. The therapist asks when the last time Watson talked to Holmes about “boundaries?” She replies that they talk about it all the time. The therapist then says she thinks Watson should find a new client and says if Holmes really cared about Watson’s safety, given his work has put her in physical danger, why isn’t he telling her to move on?

Shoot to Watson returning home to find Holmes with earphones on, blasting music as he practice shoots at a dummy. Watson yells at Holmes for performing a “ballistics exam” in a residence where there are other people in the neighborhood. She then adds that the police should be doing “ballistics exams not you.” He agrees but says that giving the weapon to the police was the last thing he could do.

Shoot to Bell visiting Andre outside his work, a pizza place. Andre tells Bell that he “reached out” and has info about the gun used to try to kill him. Bell is mad but Andre gives him the name Tico Bettis. Bell again yells at Andre reminding him that he isn’t allowed to talk to his old friends. He also adds that the cops already talked to Tico and he’s clean. Andre insists that he was just trying to help but Bell barks back, “Why don’t you try helping yourself for a change?” Andre replies that he just wanted to do “something that matters” then tells Bell that he has no idea what his life is like. “But, who knows…maybe someday…you will,” Andre tells Bell as goes back into the pizza place. Then, Bell gets a call from Holmes to meet him at his brownstone.

Shoot to Watson letting Bell in at the brownstone. He tells her that Holmes texted him to come. Bell sees the dummy riddled with bullet holes and Holmes at a desk. Bell asks Holmes what’s going on and Watson tells him that Holmes thinks someone is trying to frame Bell for Bradshaw’s murder. Holmes then shows Bell the gun, which he tells him he found in his house. Bell tells Holmes that he’s never seen that gun before and Holmes believes him. Holmes then tells Bell that the bullets in the gun match the ones taken from Bradshaw’s body.

Shoot to Holmes talking to Bell quietly after laying it out with Gregson. He tells Bell that someone had a key to his apartment to get in. Bell calls Andre. He mentions the boots and the track marks found in the cardboard. Bell then says he gave his boots to his brother. Andre is furious Bell thinks he might be involved. He and Andre argue and then Andre punches him.

Shoot to Holmes and Watson going back to Bell’s to look for more evidence, but Holmes gets frustrated that he can’t find any. He also reveals that he knows Watson lied to him about still being his sober companion. “It became clearer and clearer that you were not staying for me, but for yourself,” he tells her. He then proposes that she stay on permanently, and let him teach her. He adds that he will pay her stipend that covers what her father paid her. Then, he offers her a partnership and tells her to think it over. “I am better with you, Watson. I’m sharper, I’m more focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps in time I’ll solve that as well.”

Shot to Bell banging on Andre’s apartment. He can hear the TV but Andre won’t let him in and he wants to apologize. The door opens and he goes in. He finds Andre bleeding profusely on the floor. He calls in an ambulance and grabs Andre to him. Then, he sees that Andre has written something on the floor. “It was not Marcus.”

Shoot to Holmes and Watson checking out the aftermath. Holmes is upset. He didn’t realize Bell had a brother. Holmes believes it’s the same shooter and that Andre realized it was a set up against Bell.

Shoot to them going to wait with Bell in the hospital as they stitch up Andre. Bell tells them how he had Andre set up to get out on early parole by cashing in a big favor. He goes to say that when he was in jail, Andre wouldn’t rat on his other drug members. Watson realizes that Bell was the one who turned in the Bradshaw detail, and busted them for planting evidence.

Shoot to Gregson calling in Officer Reyes. He accuses her of all the crimes. He notes she was questioned for planting the heroin in Bradshaw’s home, that she dated Bell and had a key to his apartment. They show her the eyelets from the boots she used to plant evidence and then burned.

Shoot to Andre and Bell watching her arrest on the television. Bell apologizes to Andre for what he said. Bell notes that he was shot in the back and he couldn’t have known it wasn’t him, like he wrote in blood. Yet, Andre says he did know because they were family.

Shoot to Watson telling Holmes that she wants to be paid on Thursdays. She adds that she will live there until she finds a place, and Holmes will go to group meetings with her. And one more thing…she then hits him in the face with a ball.



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