Energy drinks have health risks for teens

By Deana DeLisio,

Energy drinks are related to health issues particularly amongst teens.

The amount of caffeine within these drinks can cause rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, obesity, and other medical problems in teens stated Health Day.

In addition to this, a recent government study shows that the number of emergency room visits relating to energy drinks has doubled nationally within the past four years, as stated in USAToday.

The caffeine loaded boosters have hit more than $10 billion in sales, while 31 percent of teenagers are drinking them regularly.

Teens are known to be targeted for the sale of these energy drinks. Not only are these drinks more than double the recommended amount of daily caffeine intake for teens- only two ounces of a popular brand contains 207 mg of caffeine- the equivalent to six cans of Coca-Cola.

“I don’t think there is any sensationalism going on here. These drinks can be dangerous for teens,” said author Dr. Kwabena Blankson an adolescent medicine specialist, “They contain too much caffeine and other additives that we don’t know enough about. Healthy eating, exercise and adequate sleep are better ways to get energy.”



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