Event Coverage: Josh Groban at IHeartRadio Live

By Lori Alamia,
Groban sings from new album 'All That Echoes'

Multi platinum artist Josh Groban recently released his newest album
All That Echoes.

On Monday, February 11, I had the pleasure of seeing Groban perform selections from this album at a private show in NYC thanks to IHeartRadio Live.

As with other IHeartRadio performances, the concert was also streamed live on their website. I recommend liking them on Facebook or downloading the app so you can keep in the loop for upcoming artists.

Groban began with the first song off the album and his recent single “Brave.” In traditional Josh Groban fashion it is an uplifting, anthem type song.

He followed this with another new song “False Alarms” about lost love.

Groban, who had a theater background, also sang the beautiful song “Falling Slowly” from the film turned musical Once.

Next was “Below the Line, ” a catchy and upbeat song with some great percussion accompaniment.

As Groban performed, he also added a touch of charm with fun anecdotes before each song.

This included a story about being on a flight with an admired songwriter Jimmy Webb and surviving the most turbulent flight of their lives.

Groban then sang Webb song, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”

After singing all of these new songs, he thrilled the crowd with his moving classic "You Raise Me Up."

He then shared more new songs: “Happy in my Heartache”, “Hollow Talk,” and a lovely Irish ballad “She moved through the Fair."

Groban closed this exciting performance with the same song that closes his album, Stevie Wonder’s "I Believe (When I Fall in
Love It Will Be Forever)." It includes the sentiment that all of us aspire to when falling in love-- love that lasts. Meanwhile, Groban accomplishes what artists aspire to, music that lasts.

Check out Groban’s new album All That Echoes and IHeartRadio for your favorite artists, up close and personal.



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