Facebook to introduce new app

By Deana DeLisio,

In mid-March, Facebook will release a new application that will notify users when their friends are nearby.

This so-far nameless app will continue to track your whereabouts in the background, whether the app is open or not, and report your location to friends that are in the area, as stated in CNET.

The creation of the app is headed by Facebook’s Peter Deng, and is said to resemble such services as Google Latitude, Highlight, Foursquare, Apple’s Find My Friends, and even Facebook’s “temporary” Find Friends Nearby, as reported in TheAtlanticWire.

Also on the team, are engineers from two apps that have been previously purchased by Facebook: Glancee, which focused on tracking users, and Gawalla, who played a role in Facebook’s location based photo posts.

Each app previously mentioned had failed due to lack of participants.

Facebook, who’s user base is over one billion, hopes for success with the introduction of their new “friend finder app.” If accepted by the public, the new app is thought to be a goldmine.

Facebook has not commented.



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