Florida couple reveals addiction to coffee enemas

By Deana DeLisio,

From espresso shots to lattes, cappuccinos to frappacinos … to enemas? A Florida couple has given a new meaning to coffee addiction.

Mike and Trina of St. Petersburg (who do not wish to release their last name at this time) are addicted to coffee enemas, which they will reveal on TLC, in the season premiere of the My Strange Addiction, on Feb. 13, NY Daily News reported.

They each have at least 100 coffee enemas per month — about four times a day — adding up to approximately 6,000 since their addiction began, according to ABC News.

Trina takes full responsibility for starting this fiasco, and has admitted to performing “nine or 10” in a 24-hour period claiming that it continues to give her a sense of “euphoria.”

At first, Mike, 45, was convinced that this whole ordeal was flat out disgusting, until he too jumped on the bizarre bandwagon.

And so the story has it, this couple, for the past two years, have “not been able to function” without their coffee enema, despite the fact that the whole process takes five hours out of their day.



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