Former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer pleads guilty to theft and money laundering

By Alexi Knock,

Former Florida Republican party chairman Jim Greer pleaded guilty to money laundering and theft charges before his criminal trial began on Monday.

Greer was charged with a single count of money laundering and four counts of theft for taking money for the Republican Party of Florida. Greer pleaded guilty to sending the money to his own company.

The former GOP chief could be facing a minimum of 3 and half years and a maximum of 35 years in prison.

Gov. Charlie Crist, former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux and former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum were scheduled to be witnesses in the trial.

Greer’s attorney Damon Chase told The Associated Press, “There were a number of people who did not want this trial to go forward and the trial isn't going forward. Once again, Jim Greer is falling on his sword for a lot of other folks."

Greer had earlier pleaded not guilty to funneling $200,000 into his company with Delmar Johnson.

After Greer’s plea, Johnson tweeted, “It's Finally Over! Words can't express my appreciation to My Wife & Family, Attorney Bob Leventhal & my friends for your prayers & support!”



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