Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain joins Fox News

By Daniel S Levine,

Herman Cain, who ran for president in the last election, is the latest to join Fox News. The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO will join the network to add his commentary on the main Fox News Channel as well as Fox Business News.

Bill Shine, Fox News executive vice president of programming, called Cain a “political expert with business savvy” and that he “brings an important voice to the nation’s debates,” in a statement, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Cain is also excited to join the network, adding, “I’m excited about joining the FOX family as a contributor because it is an opportunity to be one more voice for intelligent thinking in America.”

As Entertainment Weekly notes, Cain drew plenty of media attention in 2011 during the primaries for the Republican nomination thanks to ideas like the “9-9-9” plan. However, he lost to Mitt Romney, who went on to lose the general election to President Obama.

Cain has remained a popular figure with the Tea Party, though. He has continued to make TV appearances, including The Daily Show, which ran a series on what he would do in situations if he was elected.

Cain is just the latest high-profile politician to join Fox. Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has joined the network, as has former Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich.



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