Four killed in Tustin, California after college student shooting rampage

By Alexi Knock,

Early Tuesday morning, community college student Ali Syed killed three people in one hour in Tustin, California and then committed suicide as police sought after him.

The 20-year-old shot and killed Courtney Aoki, 20, in his home then proceeded to murder two others during car jackings on a busy freeway in Orange County. According to NBC Southern California, Syed’s relationship to the woman is still unclear.

After killing Aoki, Syed drove to a shopping center with a flat tire and killed a man who was in his Cadillac waiting for his son. He then went across the street to a Mobil station where he took the keys to a man’s pickup without injuring him. Syed injured two other drivers and shot at cars in the freeway before his suicide.

Tustin police Chief Scott Jordan told the The Associated Press, “He says something to the effect of, 'I've killed somebody. Today's my last day. I don't want to hurt you. Give me your keys. He hands over the keys and he gets in the truck and leaves."

Syed then got on the highway and began shooting at cars and killed one man in his BMW. He then took his shotgun to a Micro Center and killed a construction worker nearby.

Jordan told The Associated Press, “There is no conspiracy here, there are no outstanding suspects, it was a very, very unfortunate situation, but I don't think the people here in Orange County have to be worried about their safety.”



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