‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 1/28-2/1

By Sari N. Kent,
Sabrina found Emma hiding at the pier, Tracy gave Connie the incriminating evidence to publish to ruin ELQ so AJ couldn’t have it, Brit’s true colors were revealed to Patrick, Alison came to town with Rafe, her son and was murdered.

AJ visited Tracy at ELQ, not surprised she worked with the mob. Then, Michael arrived with the proof of her mob dealings, which he got from Johnny. AJ then called the SEC and asked for the organized crime unit but told Tracy that he would hang up if she stepped down as CEO. If she did, he would give her the original copies of the proof. "Et tu, Michael?," she asked. He remembers her comment at the will reading that he didn’t even count and was hurt. She was impressed with his memory, then reminded him about helping him with Abby but Michael asked her to sign anyway. “The only problem I ever had with you was that you was Sonny’s son. Now you’re AJ’s, which is worse,” Tracy told Michael, as she signed and he handed her over the originals. AJ then kicked Tracy out as she warned him that it wasn’t over. AJ then made himself at home as ELQ’s new CEO.

Felix swooped in on Elizabeth and Sabrina at the nurses’ station to take them out for drinks and wouldn’t take no for an answer. In her room, Ellie got her release instructions. Steve overheard her need for a home health care aid and was confused since she has Spinelli. She was surprised to hear Steve tell her that Spinelli had been calling every hour to checkup on her. Steve told her that he was glad Olivia had forgiven his mistake of kissing Maggie or they would be missing out on their current love. He told Ellie that he made it his mission to prove to Olivia how much he loved her and now they were stronger than ever. She replied that she wasn’t sure every relationship would have the same positive outcome. He said he would release her the next day if she had someone to pick her up. She checked her phone and Spinelli had called her 23 times.

Lulu was force feeding Maxie at The Haunted Star with Dante when Spinelli showed up with Max and Milo to drown his sorrows about Ellie. Soon, Sabrina, Elizabeth and Felix arrived. Felix told the ladies to get ready and paired Elizabeth up with Max, Sabrina with Spinelli and took Milo for himself. Sabrina and Spinelli got a table and talked about their lost loves while Milo and Felix discussed pumping iron. At the bar, Lulu watched Sabrina and Spinelli talk and walked up just as Spinelli confessed that he had slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve. Lulu freaked. Spinelli took the blame and Lulu apologized to Maxie for being so overprotective. Maxie then found Spinelli and realized he and Ellie were over. She was about to tell him the baby was his when Ellie called and he rushed off. Milo finally told Felix that he wasn’t gay while Elizabeth advised Max on his mole, so their nights were busts too. Later, Maxie promised Lulu that nothing would stop her from giving her and Dante a healthy baby. Meanwhile, Sabrina pined over a picture of Emma. She couldn’t get a cab and started walking but forgot her phone.

Spinelli met Ellie at the hospital. She told him that she loved him and was ready to move forward with him.

Connie worked on editing Molly’s stolen manuscript at Manning Enterprises when Kristina suddenly attacked her computer with a baseball bat. She said she had come to pay Connie back for killing Trey. Sonny arrived and ordered Kristina to put the bat down. "At least Trey is not alive to see what a psycho you are!" Connie screams. Kristina then tackled her to the ground and began to choke her. Once Sonny got Kristina off of Connie, she called the cops to report that Kristina had assaulted her. When Dante showed up Kristina admitted that she had tried to kill Connie. Sonny urged Connie not to have Kristina arrested but she refused and he stomped off as Dante arrested Kristina. Later, Tracy arrived looking for Todd with a big scoop. She handed over the proof of her laundering to Connie. “If I can’t have ELQ, no one can,” Tracy told Connie.

Patrick and Britt met back at their table at Kelly’s but Emma was gone. They ran outside right into Anna who called a unit immediately. The cops canvassed the place but no one saw Emma leave. Anna asked Patrick if she had been upset about anything. He admitted that she was upset about Britt, the new woman in his life. Britt recalled her rant at the little girl but told Anna that nothing happened. Patrick thought she might be with Sabrina. He called her but didn’t get an answer.

By the pier, Sabrina thought about her near kiss with Patrick. She found Emma alone by the water feeding the ducks by the docks. She wrapped Emma up in her coat and realized her phone was missing. Emma told her that she didn’t want to see her dad because he was with Britt and told Sabrina that Brit said mean things to her and told Emma that she didn’t like her. Sabrina was horrified, told her that it didn’t matter what Britt thought because Patrick loves her so much and that he must be scared. Emma was worried that he was sad she was gone so Sabrina convinced her to go back.

Patrick called Sabrina from Kelly’s but it went right to voicemail. He couldn’t think of any reason why Emma would leave without telling him and Britt assured him that she didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Anna asked Mac to stay with her so she didn’t fall apart. Then, Sabrina brought in Emma and told them that she found her by the docks feeding ducks. Patrick told Emma how scared he was and asked why she left. She didn’t say anything and Mac and Anna led her off. Then, Sabrina told Patrick that Emma told her it was because Britt said she didn’t like Emma. Britt accused Emma of making it up but Sabrina was sure that she was telling the truth. Patrick wanted to take Emma back home, without Britt, and Sabrina hugged her goodbye. Alone, Britt threatened Sabrina but Sabrina threatened her right back if she hurt Emma.

Kristina was brought to PCPD with Sonny. Alexis met them there. Kristina couldn’t accept that Trey was gone and that Sonny defended Connie. Alexis thought she can make this go away but Sonny told her that Connie insisted on pressing charges. Then, an officer arrived to book Kristina. Sonny told Alexis that he could bribe the judge or get Kristina out of the country but Alexis just wanted him to convince Connie to see reason. Kristina was brought back because court was closed and had to spend the night in jail.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie was shocked that Tracy wanted the documents about her laundering to be published in the paper. Tracy was ready to shut down ELQ, her father’s life work, so AJ couldn’t have it. Connie then told Tracy that she had met AJ the other night and didn’t think he was such a bad guy. “He was white knuckling the booze but seems to love his son,” Connie told Tracy and in Connie’s book that meant something. Tracy then apologized to Connie for her and Kristina’s loss. Connie then confided in Tracy about her rape, told her that left Trey in a drawer, then she treated him like crap. Tracy replied that no matter what, Scully loved Trey. Connie broke down in tears on Tracy’s shoulder, then pulled herself together. She wanted to be sure Tracy was ready to go down with the ship if she printed the papers. Tracy said she was fine with it and Connie agreed to print the documents. Later, Sonny returned to talk about Kristina being arrested but Connie wasn’t interested.

AJ made himself at home in Tracy’s old office and told Michael it felt sweet to be back on top. AJ was excited to run ELQ together with his son. Michael was glad for AJ but had to leave to meet Starr. Later, Duke arrived for an appointment with Tracy and AJ informed him that she was never coming back. AJ invited him in and took credit for taking the pic of Faison in Switzerland. Duke wanted work but said he had no resume since he spent two decades in a Turkish prison. AJ then asked for a good reason to hire him. Duke replied that he would take any work so he had a fighting chance to win back Anna, that he needed her respect and needed to reinvent himself. AJ understood and welcomed him to ELQ. Later, Tracy returned and pulled her nameplate out of the trash. She wished AJ luck because he was going to need it.

Michael met Starr at Alexis’ house. She told him that she thought Kristina went after Connie. Michael called Alexis and learned Kristina was in jail. He then told her that Tracy was out and AJ was in at ELQ because they blackmailed Tracy with documents they got from Johnny. She was glad Johnny helped them out but Michael told her that he was worried about AJ though because he had a feeling Tracy wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Duke ran into Anna outside Kelly’s and she told him about Emma. He told her that he got a job and hoped they could celebrate sometime.

Sonny ran into Tracy outside Kelly’s and apologized for not being able to help her. She was mad since he wouldn’t lift a finger to help her and told her that Michael may suffer as a result. “Since he’s old enough to hitch his star to AJ’s wagon he’s old enough to handle the consequences,” she told Sonny as she stomped off. Later, Sonny told Olivia about Kristina’s attack on Connie, how he tried to get Connie to drop the charges but that she was set on moving forward with them. He told Olivia that he felt a connection with Connie and that it felt good, but not as good as it was Kate. He then told Olivia that he cared about Connie, but Kate was the woman he loved. Inside, Alice met Tracy with a note from Ned. He said not to give up on ELQ yet because he thought there may be another Quartermaine heir. Tracy then rushed to the Sun to make sure nothing went to press.

At PCPD Sam and Alexis expressed concern for John’s injury and they all speculated whether Todd’s insanity plea would work. Their talk turned to Lucy as Kevin Collins arrived. Alexis and Kevin hugged and he apologized for leaving her alone with Lucy. Kevin knew all about Caleb and said he’d been subject to Lucy’s ravings for many years. He told them that Lucy was obsessed with a daughter Kevin didn’t even have named Livvie and that he had to leave before Lucy’s behavior caused damage to the children. He added that she was in a fantasy world filled with seers, demons and even an angel named Rafe. He was relieved Lucy is institutionalized, but he wasn’t staying to help. Alexis insisted he stay and reminded him how Lucy stayed by his side during his darkest times and never gave up on him.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie answered a call from Todd, who noticed the paper hadn’t come out today. He told her that he planned to escape Ferncliff. She admitted that she had some problems with an insubordinate staff unwilling to listen to her but had an issue hot off the press now with the headline "EL Quagmire." Meanwhile, Starr and Michael arrived. Starr liked the way Michael looks in his suit and wanted to find a supply closet. He was tempted but he was determined to get Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Inside, Connie refused but gave Starr a copy of yesterday’s paper about Todd’s insanity plea. Later, Tracy rushed in too late to stop the press but Connie said she would keep Tracy’s secret about spilling the beans. “Because we’re friends, right?” Connie asked Tracy.

Lucy overheard Todd’s phone call to Connie and wanted in on his plan to escape. He agreed, as long as she told everyone that he was crazy. He told her that was going to say he had DID and needed backup. Then, he started talking with an accent and called himself Rod as Starr came in and busted him. She told him that she still had a tape of him confessing to lying about his last bout of DID and would use it if he tried to convince his doctors he was crazy. Then, the doctors came in to take him for his evaluation and Starr insisted on joining in. Later, Lucy worried what she would do without Todd. Then, Kevin appeared and she started to cry as she grabbed and hugged him.

Monica visited AJ at ELQ. She was worried about Tracy but he was more worried about Carly and Sonny and that they got to Michael because he was late but then Michael arrive and apologized for being late. Soon, they got a copy of The Sun. Monica accused Tracy of doing it but AJ thought Sonny did it because Tracy stepped down because she knew this disaster would happen. Michael didn’t believe it was Sonny so they went to the source.

Alison was by the pier and told her son Rafe that Port Charles was home. She said that she knew being on the run had been hard, but that was all over now. They had an ally here and she pulled out the article about Lucy’s arrest. He thought Lucy sounds crazy but Alison insisted that he could trust her. She needed to go find help and gave him an arrow to defend himself. Then, they hugged goodbye.

Later, Sonny visited Connie at Manning Enterprises and kissed her. He told her that he didn’t want to deny their connection and hoped they could move forward…without the charges against Kristina. She then wiped her mouth and pushed him away as AJ and Michael arrived. They asked where she got the ELQ story. She pointed the finger at Sonny.

Tracy took a call from Ned at Kelly’s but didn’t tell him what she had done.

Alison went to PCPD to ask questions about Lucy. They directed her to John, who she thought was Caleb.

Luke joined Tracy at Kelly’s and apologized for not being there for her when Edward died. She handed over a copy of the Sun and lamented that ELQ was joining Edward in the afterlife. He immediately guessed that she was the one to leak the story. She explained what happened and had a feeling Connie might keep her secret. She then told Luke that she might have a chance to get ELQ back because there may be another heir! She added that she needed Luke’s help figuring out who it could be by probing Carly, since she’s his niece.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie told AJ and Michael that she got the story about ELQ from Sonny. Sonny swore that she was lying but Michael didn’t believe him and left with AJ. Once they were gone, Sonny snapped on Connie, admitted that he loved Kate and that he wanted her back, but Connie was there now and he wanted to support her when Trey died. He added that he felt compassion for her and she repaid him by putting his daughter in jail and turning his son against him. “Sooner or later no one will be there for you,” Sonny told Connie as he left with her looking out the window, about to cry.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Sabrina listened in as Britt tried to convince Patrick that she didn’t tell Emma that she didn’t like her. Britt wanted to present a united front and tell Emma they would be together. He didn’t think Britt purposefully tried to hurt Emma and they hugged. Sabrina was disgusted. Later, Sabrina told them the bank put a stop payment on their check from Tracy. Elizabeth got rid of Britt by telling her a patient needed her then dashed off with hopes to come back with good news about the ball. Alone, Patrick told Sabrina he thought Emma lied to her about what happened. Then, he answered a page as Britt returned. She told Sabrina that she wasn’t going anywhere and “that there was nothing you or Patrick’s spoiled brat of a little girl could do about it.” Patrick overheard.

Alison saw John at PCPD and thought he was Caleb. When she saw Sam she grabbed her, thinking she was Livvie, her best friend. Alison wanted to find Lucy, but when she couldn’t convince Sam to come with her she ran off. Sam and John looked up Alison on the database and saw she married someone named Rafe Kovich, but there was nothing after that and no mention of a “Livvie” or a “Caleb.” They thought Lucy put her up to it to make herself look sane. Sam then insisted on going to Ferncliff and promised to stay away from Todd and Heather. John then answered a call from Alison asking him to meet her at the pier.

Molly was startled at the pier by Rafe, who was holding the arrow Alison gave him. He assured her that he wasn’t going to hurt her and stashed the arrow. He asked if she knew Lucy and she told him about her attack on John. She offered to buy him lunch when he asked for the stale bread she and baby Danny were using to feed the birds. He stashed his backpack behind a barrel and went with Molly and baby Danny. Later, Alison returned, found his bag and the arrow.

At Ferncliff Lucy tried to convince Kevin that John was the vampire Caleb and that Sam, who was really Livvie, was in real danger and so was Alison and her son. Kevin agreed to help her…by getting her the medical treatment she needed. He said that she helped him through the darkest time in his life and he wanted to be there for her, but he thought he was making it worse and that her delusions have destroyed everything they had. He left but not before Lucy told him that when people started showing up dead he’d believe her. Later, Sam visited Lucy and asked her about Alison.

At ELQ, Michael wasn’t 100 percent sure Sonny did it but would help AJ figure out the solution. AJ felt a bit sick so Michael left to get food. Alone, AJ got worse. Elizabeth arrived as he seemed to be having a heart attack.

At Kelly’s, Rafe and Molly got to know each other and bonded over their crazy families. He said that he loved his mom but that she was “completely dysfunctional.” He told Molly that sometimes he imagined being free of her so he could take care of himself instead of depending on the kindness of strangers. He left Molly to go meet his mom back at the pier. Later, Michael joined Tracy and Luke at the bar and told them that Connie told them Sonny leaked the story to the Sun. Tracy was shocked.
Alison waited for John by the pier, clutching the arrow. Later, she was lying in a pool of blood, seemingly dead. Rafe was holding the bloody arrow over Alison’s body when John walked up.

John questioned Rafe as he went through his bag. He found a picture of Alison and Rafe together and realized they were mother and son. They bagged up Alison as Anna arrived. John handed over the murder weapon and told her that Rafe hadn’t said a word.

At Kelly’s, Molly was thinking about Rafe when TJ arrived. She told him about feeding the boy she met by the pier and the more they talked about him, the more jealous TJ got. Outside, Michael ran into Starr. He told her what happened to ELQ, that Sonny was the one who gave the evidence to the paper but denied the whole thing but Connie told Michael what really happened. Starr chuckled at the idea of Connie telling the truth. They went inside and Starr thought Michael should consider the idea that Connie was lying.

Elizabeth found AJ on the floor at ELQ. He told her that he thought he was having a heart attack. She tried to calm him down and get him to shut up long enough to tell him it was just a panic attack. She told him that she saw the article about ELQ and understood what it meant to him, but nothing was more important than his health. She said she also knew how it felt to be disappointed in yourself. Then, he admitted that his recovery was what gave him the confidence to come back and that he should have known Sonny would never let him have a relationship with Michael. He asked why she came by and she told him about the bank stopping payment on the Nurse’s Ball check. He told her that he couldn’t help but hoped she wouldn’t give up on it. Michael returned and AJ and him got to work on saving ELQ.

Maxie tried to convince Lulu she could miss the baby appointment when Spinelli wheeled Ellie into the apartment. Maxie said she was glad that Ellie was going to be fine, but Ellie doubted it. Ellie had issue with Maxie sleeping with Spinelli and wanted to have it out. She accused Maxie of messing with her car that night, but she denied it. Maxie was sorry about everything that happened that night, but wasn’t sorry that she now has closure from Spinelli. Ellie understood. Later, Spinelli and Ellie sipped tea and were glad to move on with their lives. Ellie told him that she didn’t want to ever talk about that night again.

Britt laid into Sabrina at the nurse’s station and Patrick overheard everything. He told Brit that Emma was his life and whatever they had was over. Britt was shocked that he was dumping her and refused to let it go but he insisted this was the best thing for him and Emma. She then pushed Sabrina and accused her meddling of causing their breakup. Patrick jumped in, but Britt refused to back off. She demeaned Sabrina and told Patrick that Sabrina set it all up so she could have him all to herself. Then, she stomped off and Patrick asked Sabrina what Britt meant by that. Later, Maxie and Lulu showed up for Maxie’s appointment and found Britt having a tantrum. They offered to come back but she thought this was the perfect time for Lulu to learn something about her baby.

At Ferncliff, Sam told Lucy that she saw Alison at the police station but she ran away when she saw John. Lucy tried to get Sam to remember Rafe and Alison. Lucy told Sam that Rafe was her cousin, and he had a son with Alison. But the baby, who would be a teen now, wasn’t Rafe’s child. Caleb was his father. Rafe was determined to protect them, so he left to find Caleb. But, they just vanished and in her heart Lucy knew Caleb was the one who survived or Rafe would be here. Lucy insisted that Alison and her son were in grave danger. Later, Lucy prayed for Rafe to come and help them all.

At PCPD, John told Anna about Alison coming by the station and recognizing him as Caleb. Anna brought Rafe a donut and tried to get him to open up about his mom. She took off his cuffs as she questioned him, but he still wouldn’t say a word. She asked if he killed his mom and he finally told her no and pointed to John as his mother’s killer. Meanwhile, Sam returned and told John about her meeting with Lucy.

TJ and Molly walked by the pier and stumbled across the crime scene. The cop told them that some kid killed his mother.



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