‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 2/11-2/15

By Sari N. Kent,
Caleb killed again and John was locked up as the prime suspect in the murders, Brit made it look like Sabrina killed a patient, Frisco told Felicia that he came back to town to win her back, Johnny gave Starr his half of The Haunted Star and Laura returned to Port Charles!

At the pier, Caleb pulled the arrow out of Officer Carlson and licked the blood. Sabrina walked up, was horrified and asked, "Det. McBain, what happened?” He strolled toward her, but Carlson started coughing. As she rushed to help him, Caleb disappeared.

Duke had a solution to save ELQ…Pickle-A-Lila. Michael called them nuts to think a condiment could save ELQ. AJ sort of remembered when ELQ went bust in the 80s and Duke filled in the gaps of how the relish helped save the company. Duke wanted to capitalize on the farm-to-table trend. Michael didn’t want to be a downer but reminded them that finding the recipe wouldn’t be easy since there was only one jar left and Tracy had it. AJ directed Duke to search online while he took Michael on a different task.

It suddenly hit Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion while she talked to Luke. She was going to start producing Pick-A-Lila again. She reminded Luke how her mother had started making it in the kitchen after Monica bankrupted ELQ and they were forced to live above Kelly’s. “With the money they made ELQ was back in the black,” Tracy told Luke. She added that Edward knew about the mob money and knew it would catch up to Tracy and that the jar was a reminder that if you are resourceful you can always rebuild. She then told Luke that she really needed him to find Franco’s daughter now. Then, she turned on the TV. "Oh Tracy, sadly, One Life To Live isn't on anymore," Luke said. The news reported about Lucy’s attack on Anna and Luke took off to check on her. Meanwhile, Tracy asked Alice where the Pick-A-Lila recipe might be then went into the kitchen to search for it herself. Later, AJ and Michael asked Alice where the recipe was and she told them about Tracy’s current search. Tracy came up empty handed and AJ had her last jar.

Dante and Anna watched footage of what looks like John leading Rafe Jr. out of his cell at PCPD. They were baffled. There was no paperwork and John wasn’t picking up his phone. Then, Dante got a call that they had found Carlson, stabbed at the pier, but there was no sign of John or Rafe Jr.

Maxie ignored a call from Mac as she met Britt at the hospital. Britt wanted her to get Sabrina fired. Patrick walked up and warned Maxie that Britt didn’t like Emma. He wouldn’t go into detail but offered her a referral for a new doctor. Suddenly, Sabrina came in with Carlson and Britt told Maxie this was her chance. Meanwhile, Dante asked Carlson who stabbed him but he flatlined first. Dante later questioned Sabrina. She said that she saw Carlson on the ground with John beside him. Carlson started moaning and when she tended to him John had disappeared. She then added that he wasn’t even trying to help Carlson and was holding an arrow with blood on it. Patrick consoled Sabrina. Meanwhile, Maxie went in Carlson’s room and after assured Britt that she did what she asked. Later, Sabrina picked up a bottle off the floor and she and Patrick thought she had used the wrong medicine.

TJ arrived at Alexis’ to talk with Molly about Rafe Jr. She was still mad at TJ and wasn’t convinced that Rafe Jr. killed his mom. Meanwhile, Rafe Jr. was hiding in the shadows. TJ was upset by how much she cared about Rafe Jr., but she told him it had nothing to do with TJ and that she just wanted to show him compassion. Then, TJ got a call from Shawn and left. When she was alone, Rafe Jr. appeared and begged to stay there. Molly let him in. Later, Caleb lurked outside.

Anna arrived at the pier and found the same weapon that killed Alison. Later, Luke came by and told her that he was ready to fight for her, but needed her to at least return his calls. Then, Dante called to tell her that Carlson died and she revealed to Luke that she thought she had lost her instincts. “Is John a killer?” She told Luke that she didn’t know who to count on anymore. Then, Luke grabbed her and kissed her while Laura watched from the shadows.

Back at PCPD, Dante learned from an officer about the murder weapon coming from the evidence locker. They pulled up the surveillance footage together. Dante couldn’t believe it, but it looked like John, who suddenly showed up and asked what was going on.

Johnny asked Starr to come to his cell before he WENT to Pentonville. He told her that he was happy for her and Michael. She admitted that Michael had saved her, but she would always think about what her life would have been like with her first great love. Then, Johnny handed her some papers and told her that he wanted her to do something good with it.

Luke kissed Anna by the pier while Laura watched. He told her that he thought they belonged together but wanted to know if he had already lost her. Anna admitted that seeing Duke now reminded her of the intensity they used to share. She added that she wanted to feel that once-in-a-lifetime thing she had with Duke again if she could. She compared it to the love Luke had for Laura. He admitted that it was wonderful but that it was in the past and that life moves forward. Anna broke up with him anyway but they agreed to remain friends. "We’ll always have the Metro Court," he said.

Lulu read about Johnny’s 20-year sentence in the paper at The Haunted Star. She thought about the great partner he and that she felt bad for him. Mac bought two tickets to the Valentine’s Day party on The Haunted Star in order to dazzle Felicia, but Frisco was back and Mac worries he was the “boring option.” Lulu compared Frisco to a flame that burns out and Mac to a rock that was forever. Mac appreciated the reality check. Later, Laura startled Lulu. They caught up and Laura told her that she saw Lucky at a graveyard in Ireland and that they had a nice long visit. Laura then asked Lulu if Luke was seeing anyone and Lulu told her about Anna. Later, Starr came by and was starstruck by Laura and said her love story with Luke was the stuff of legends. Laura headed off to the Metro Court to unpack while Starr told Lulu that Johnny gave her his half of the club. They were now partners!

Frisco assisted Felicia at The Floating Rib while Shawn and TJ shot pool. TJ was brooding about Molly and Rafe. TJ thought Rafe had Molly totally snowed, but at least he was locked up. Later, TJ got an alert that Rafe was at large. Meanwhile, Frisco told Felicia that Maxie wouldn’t return his calls. She wasn’t surprised and urged him to admit they were both terrible parents. Why would Maxie trust him after his pattern of leaving? Frisco replied that he had finally realized what was really important. He went on to say that had loved Felicia since day one and everything he ever wanted was right there. She said she was having a hard time believing him but he assured her he was ready to start over with her. He thought she was settling with Mac and everyone knew it – even Mac. Then, Mac arrived and made sure Frisco knew how hurt the girls had been by him over the years. Frisco suggested the three of them have dinner the next evening but Mac said he and Felicia had plans. He then produced the tickets to the party. Felicia kissed him and told Mac that she loved to go while Frisco looked on.

Molly hid Rafe Jr. in her room. She went to make some sandwiches and urged him to be quiet. Kristina soon knocked, looking for Molly. Molly came back and they went in together while Rafe Jr. hide under the bed. Kristina told Molly that she wanted Connie dead and it made her think anyone was capable of murder. Now she has to do community service at Pentonville. Later, Kristina left to take a nap. Rafe Jr. said that he didn’t want to put a nice girl like Molly in danger but she insisted that he stay.

Dante watched the footage of Caleb leading Rafe Jr. out of his cell at PCPD. John arrived and Dante asked him where he’s been. John said he was following a lead and was surprised by Dante’s persistent questioning. He swore he only went to Rafe Jr’s cell once and never left with him. Then, Dante showed him the footage and John was confused. He wanted to get Carlson in there to talk to him but Dante told him that he was dead. John couldn’t believe Rafe Jr. could kill a cop. Dante said he was pretty sure it was someone else… HIM! John was totally shocked, and then Dante showed him the footage of Caleb getting the weapon out of storage. "It’s a pretty clear picture," Dante said. Later, Anna arrested John.

Back at the pier, Laura waited for Luke to leave before calling someone to check in. She told whoever it was that she saw Luke and thought they should go ahead with their plans.

At General Hospital, Sabrina blamed herself for Carlson’s death. She told Patrick that she checked the medicine label three times and was unsure how this happened. Patrick assured her he would have died regardless but they had to talk to Dr. Webber. Britt looked on, pleased, as she got a remorseful text from Maxie. Meanwhile, Olivia told Steve that she would feel better once they found Heather. Plus, she was still worried about her vision of Steve in the shower with Sabrina. Later, Sabrina explained her story to Steve and they waited for the autopsy results. Britt intercepted the results by flirting with the intern. When Steve got them, they showed the wrong medicine was in Carlson’s system. Steve had to write Sabrina up. Later, Olivia had a vision of Heather in scrubs. Meanwhile, Patrick caught up with Sabrina but she refused to be comforted.

Caleb grabbed Heather at the pier. She thought it was John and ran off. She found herself hidden with Todd behind a tarp. Todd told Heather John was in jail for killing a cop. They soon realized they were both waiting for the same guy to take them out of town and Todd wanted a bigger boat. Before they left, Heather went to “see her son” and Todd decided to take the boat without her.

Molly woke up Rafe Jr. in her room. He told her that he had been having nightmares of John stabbing his mom. Then, Alexis tried to come in so Rafe Jr. hid under the bed. Suspicious, Alexis looked around for TJ, and then asked Molly to watch Danny while she went to the station. Alexis told Molly that she didn’t think John was guilty, despite all of the hard evidence against him. She then added that finding Rafe Jr. would help shed some light on it all. Later, Rafe Jr. told Molly that John was indeed the killer. Molly asked Rafe Jr. to turn himself in and he soon agreed. She encouraged him to take a shower first and later she walked in on him naked. She left Danny with him while she made some toast before they went to the station. Suddenly, Heather walked into the room wearing scrubs and told him that she was there for the baby.

At the station Lucy apologized to Anna and Kevin, but said that she had to escape because of Caleb and Rafe Jr. had no one protecting him. Anna told Lucy that John was in a cell and was no threat to Rafe Jr. Lucy replied that she thought Caleb would kill anyone who got in his way to Rafe Jr., his son. Lucy begged Anna to let her go and Kevin blew up. He said that Lucy had dismantled her entire life over these delusions. “I never asked for this! But I can’t ignore the danger,” she told Kevin and begged for help. Then, Alexis arrived and told Lucy that she was in serious trouble. Lucy agreed and wanted to be marched back down to her cell but they wouldn’t have her near John.

Sam visited John in his cell and asked about the evidence against him. He couldn’t believe it, but a guy that looks like him took Alison’s murder weapon, took Rafe Jr. and was ID’d by Sabrina as the man who killed Carlson. John asked Sam to forget the whole supernatural part of it – this guy was real and was at the station, impersonating John. He then told Sam that he had missed all of Anna’s calls because he was at the university meeting with a professor, and there was bad reception. The professor, Dr. Jay Mosser, was an expert on the occult and showed him all these illustrations of rings vampires wore through the ages. He worked up a sketch based on John’s description and John was supposed to go back. Sam thought Dr. Mosser could give John an alibi and left to get it. John hoped it was before Caleb killed again.

Caleb removed his ring and visited Dr. Mosser, who thinks it was John again. Mosser then filled him in on his research about the ring, which he said could be from a small clan of vampires. Some scholars believe a few of the vampires survived and had been living in seclusion for generations. Then, Mosser told Caleb that the last record of them is with the name Morley and that the “wearer of that ring embodies enormous power and he wants revenge.” Mosser then saw a copy of The Sun with John’s face on it, accusing him of killing a cop and supposedly in lockup. Caleb then smiled and killed the professor by biting him in the neck. Later, Sam knocked.

Carly found Starr at The Haunted Star. She had heard about Johnny’s gift and thinks it was typical of him. She also told Starr that Todd came to say goodbye. Starr already knew about it and wondered if she wished she had said yes. Carly admitted that she cared about Todd but she never really considered it. She told Starr that she could have forgiven everything if only Todd had come clean. Then, Starr poured them each a drink and they toasted to Todd, “the walking disaster.” They’d both miss him.

Caleb stood over Professor Mosser at the University. He was nearly dead and Caleb finished him off. He went to let Sam in when she knocked, but disappeared when he heard her about to enter with Mosser’s TA. They found the body, noticed the bite marks and then Sam called Anna.

At PCPD, John wanted to work with Lucy to find Rafe Jr., but she refused to believe that he wasn’t Caleb. Alexis advised John that any interaction with Lucy would end badly but he really thought Lucy could be the key to stopping his double but he didn’t know how. Alexis then advised Lucy to help John figure out where Rafe Jr. was. Later, Anna told John about Mosser’s murder before heading to the crime scene. John wanted to talk to Lucy about Caleb’s ring. She was reluctant to share anything with him but he urged her to consider that there was another guy out there framing him. “If I have all this power, why not mesmerize Anna into letting me go?” he asked Lucy, who chalked it up to his love of playing games with the living. He tried to convince her that the two of them locked up was exactly what Caleb planned and the people they cared about were in real danger.

Heather went to Molly’s room and asked Rafe Jr. for the baby. She told him that she was Danny’s nanny, Susan Moore, but he refused to hand him over. She eventually threatened to call the cops on Rafe Jr. if he didn’t and he relented. Meanwhile, Kristina caught Molly with a mountain of breakfast and guessed she kept TJ in her room last night. Later, Alexis offered to pull strings to get Kristina into community service other than Pentonville, but Kristina thought she can handle it. Molly returned to her room and Rafe Jr. told her that Susan took the baby. Molly ran to tell Alexis about Heather kidnapping Danny. She called the cops while Alexis called Sam. Later, Alexis asked Molly to tell her exactly what happened. Molly admitted that she wasn’t there then Rafe Jr. entered the room and Alexis was speechless.

Anna found some scissors by Mosser’s body in his office and thought they could have caused the marks on his neck. She could tell that he was killed in the last hour, so John couldn’t have done it. Later, Sam and Anna discussed the footage against John when Alexis called to tell her about Heather kidnapping Danny. Anna called all units to the pier and headed over there with Sam.

Todd met the boat captain Quint by the pier. He was anxious to leave for St. Blaze’s Island, but the boat wasn’t ready and Quint wouldn’t leave without Heather. Todd offered to pay double but Quint wouldn’t budge – he seemed to have a thing for Heather. Todd insisted and then Quint backed out completely. He left Todd alone by the pier. Later, Heather arrived with the baby and looked for Quint. Todd wasn’t around but Caleb showed up. He knew Danny and wanted him back with his mother. He grabbed Heather by the throat and choked her. Todd came upon the scene and watched from the shadows as Caleb tossed Heather into the water, then spit in after her. Caleb asked Danny if he enjoyed the show but Todd intervened when he tried to leave. Todd couldn’t believe that John threw Heather in the water and was convinced, finally, that he was seeing the real John McBain. Caleb took a bow. Todd then grabbed the stroller as sirens sounded in the distance. Todd turned his head for an instant and Caleb was gone. Soon, Sam and Ann ran up, and Anna had her gun drawn on Todd. Carly arrived shortly after. Todd told Anna and Sam that he saw John kill Heather, throw her in the water and then tried to snatch Danny. He swore to Carly that he was being honest as Anna led him off for attempted kidnapping. Later, Sam told Carly about the other murders and that she thought there was someone else who looked exactly like John committing them. Carly wished Sam and Danny a happy Valentine’s Day then headed off for a date with Josslyn.

Alexis was shocked that Molly was harboring an accused murderer in their home. Rafe Jr. defended Molly and assured Alexis that he would never hurt Danny. Then, Sam called to tell them that Danny was fine and Molly pleaded with Alexis not to call the cops on Rafe Jr. Alexis admired her empathy but she said she was obligated to call the police as an officer of the court and couldn’t harbor a fugitive. Then, Molly called her a hypocrite because she defends “Uncle Sonny when you know he’s guilty.” Rafe Jr. then interrupted and said he was ready to turn himself in. Molly pleaded for Alexis to at least defend him but said that she couldn’t because she was defending John. Alexis left with Rafe Jr. as TJ arrived and stayed with Molly. She admitted to TJ that Rafe Jr. had spent the night and he was upset. She assured TJ that he could trust her but he wasn’t so sure. He then shoved the Valentine’s Day present he bought her at her and took off. Later, she opened the gift; it was a journal and a heart pendant.

After Carly left Sam and Danny alone on the docks, she turned around and Caleb was sitting there. He posed as John, said that he had heard that Todd had tried to take off with Danny and asked her to hand him over to check that he wasn’t hurt. She was visibly scared then told him that she knew that he was Caleb not John and that she didn’t know him. He replied that they’d known each other for centuries and they always circled back to find each other.

Connie met with Diane at Kelly’s about her case. Diane said that she was certain that she could get the manslaughter charge dismissed, but the other charges against her would take more and also carry jail time. Diane thought they should pin it on Kate but Connie refused to go back to Shadybrook. She wanted Diane to come up with something else and she said she would…for more money. Connie considered Johnny’s assets and assured Diane that she would get the money. Meanwhile, Shawn joined Sonny, who was also at Kelly’s, told Shawn that he thought it was time for a hostile takeover on everything the Zaccharas have. He wanted Shawn to find out who else was looking for Johnny’s hidden assets. Later, Sonny asked to join Connie and they joked about how romantic it was to plan a defense in a diner on Valentine’s Day. Sonny recalled Valentine’s Day last year when Connie was already in the picture and that he was so happy to be with Kate he didn’t question it. Connie replied that she hated him then and then told him what a difference a year makes. Then, they reminisced fondly about high school.

Kristina stumbled upon Johnny at Pentonville. She told him about Connie in court and Johnny wondered why she would do anything to help anyone but herself. Kristina thought she did it for Sonny. Johnny scoffed but Kristina told him that things were changing between them. She was then led off to sign in and he thought 500 hours of the next 20 years wouldn’t be so bad.

At PCPD, John tried to convince Dante he had a double but Dante had a hard time believing him. John asked him to give him the same chance he gave Dante when Ronnie was beating strippers and people thought Dante was dirty. Dante started to walk out with John when they ran into Todd and Anna. Todd told John that he saw him with his hand on Heather’s throat and then he threw her in the water one-handed. This detail stood out to Anna. They asked how John’s double got away and Todd told them that “he just kind of vanished.” Later, Carly came by to tell Todd that she believed him. He asked her to stay with him but she just wished him luck and left but Todd smiled anyway. Later, John was sure that Sam and Danny were in danger and pleaded with Anna to search for Caleb.

Alexis brought a new client to Diane at lockup – Rafe Jr. Diane wasn’t impressed by the penniless boy until Alexis informed her that his mom was a Barrington so there should be a trust fund somewhere. Then, Diane took him on as a client.

Sonny ran into Dante outside Kelly’s. He said that he was on his way to dinner with Lulu. Sonny was bummed after thinking about old times with Connie. Inside, Alexis met Shawn and they saw TJ run by them, visibly upset.



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