‘General Hospital’ weekly recap – Week of 2/18-2/22

By Sari N. Kent,
Kate woke up in Sonny’s bed wondering where she was, Olivia had a vision of Steve being stabbed, Sam and Danny disappeared, and Scott Baldwin returned to Port Charles!

Steve and Olivia considered Heather’s possible demise by the pier. Connie came upon the couple and wanted an exclusive from Steve about Todd’s statement. He refused, and when she learned they were going to the party she insisted on going with them.

Maxie was on the phone with Britt at home, urging her to stop bothering her about Sabrina. Frisco arrived with a pink stuffed bear. She didn’t want to see him but he refused to give up. Through tears he told her that he wanted to know her, and for her to know him. She agreed to go with him and, recalling Felicia’s plans with Mac, he told her to get ready to go to The Haunted Star.

At the hospital, Sabrina stressed about what happened with Officer Carlson, so Felix whisked her off to the party.

Luke found AJ snooping around the Quartermaine mansion, but Tracy had the remaining relish in a vial around her neck. Luke thought they were both absurd. Later, Tracy and Luke chatted about finding Franco’s daughter, whom Luke accidentally called Laura. He then told Tracy all about his breakup with Anna, who told him that theirs was not a great love, like her and Duke or him and Laura. Later, Tracy thanked her father for leaving the relish to her, and trusting her to save ELQ.

Getting ready for the party at The Haunted Star, Starr and Lulu decided to change distributors after they tried to short them five cases. Lulu thought they would make great partners and Starr agreed. Michael arrived and told Starr all about Todd’s arrest at the pier and his claim that John killed Heather. Then, Dante arrived with Sonny, who he thought could maybe meet someone at the party. Lulu doubted he was ready to move on from Kate since it didn’t look like Kate was ever coming back. Outside, Felicia thought about Frisco’s declaration of love. Then, Mac told her he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have her and they started making out. Inside, Sonny refused to tell Michael who the source of the ELQ leak was because Connie asked him not to. Then, Steve, Olivia and Connie arrived. Michael believed Sonny and Connie was glad that was all cleared up. She then turned to Starr and told her that she wanted The Haunted Star back. They fought until Sonny pulled Connie away and talked her down. She admitted she was all alone. He told her that wasn’t true and kissed her. Felicia and Maxie arrived and Frisco acted surprised to see Felicia and Mac, who soon decided to go home.

Felix dragged Sabrina into the party, who feels compelled to tell Dante that she killed his friend but Felix stopped her. Later, Maxie asked Sabrina if she was okay and Sabrina started crying and she told Maxie that she had killed a police officer. Maxie watched her break down and later told Frisco that he was making a mistake trying to get to know her. He urged her to tell him what she had done. Meanwhile, Michael gave Starr a necklace with a card that said "I love you." She reciprocated his feelings and they kissed. Later, Lulu found a present under the bar she thought was from Dante. She opened it and it appears to be a smaller version of the Ice Princess. Dante assured her that it was not from him.

Her sons gave Elizabeth a valentine at home right before Laura showed up for a surprise visit. She doled out gifts and caught Elizabeth up on the little she knew about Lucky and said that he was still finding himself. Laura then urged Elizabeth to get out there again and find love. She then admitted she saw Luke, but he was busy kissing Anna and it was obvious he had moved on. Elizabeth wondered if Laura had, but they were interrupted by AJ with flowers. Elizabeth stammered a bit until he told her that they weren’t from him but from her grandmother Audrey. They both were a little flustered. Inside, Laura got a text asking where she was and hurried off, but not before telling Elizabeth that it was never too late for love. AJ apologized for dropping in but said he needed someone to talk to. Then, Elizabeth invited him to stay over for spaghetti and a chat.

Laura hung out by the pier. She tried to calm the person down who was on the phone, and told them that she would see them soon. Luke then spotted her from outside The Haunted Star.

Spinelli arrived at Ellie’s with the Valentine’s works. He set up her favorite dinner then gave her a diamond bracelet. Next, he put on her favorite song and supported her while they danced. Later, he got her a copy of her favorite non-sci fi movie, Up. They both cried as they watched it.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu opened a gift, it appeared to be a replica of the Ice Princess. Neither she nor Dante knew what it was and the card had no name. They decided to go home and ask Michael and Starr to stay just as they were trying to sneak off themselves, foiling their plans. Later, Olivia watched Sonny and Connie make out and wondered if she was having another vision. Connie then pushed Sonny off and he chased her. Meanwhile, Michael was ready to go find an empty room and dashed off with Starr. Sabrina couldn’t stop thinking about the cop she killed. Felix insisted on going back to work with her. Maxie pointed Sabrina out to Frisco and told him that she had ruined her life by making her believe she killed one of her patients. He pressed her for a motive and she told him that Britt was blackmailing her and that baby she was carrying wasn’t Dante and Lulu’s. She then told him about her miscarriage and subsequent hookup with Spinelli. Frisco held her close and assured her that he would take care of Britt because he was very experienced at dirty tricks.

Sonny caught Connie by the guest rooms. He told her that didn’t want to ignore what they had anymore, that it wasn’t about Kate and that he wanted her. They started making out then stumbled into a room just as a shocked Michael and Starr turned the corner and saw them. Later, after they had sex, Connie told Sonny that sex had always been a weapon for her but now she felt like she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Then, she added that she was scared that his feelings weren’t real, but Sonny reassured her that they were. He then said that he would take care of Diane and her defense and they were right where they belonged. She started to cry and told him that this was the happiest she had been her whole life. Later, Kate woke up, scared.

Outside the club, Laura and Luke said hello. She told him that she saw him yesterday, but that he was too busy with Anna for her to say hi. Then, Lulu and Dante interrupted them on their way out and they all gushed about the baby. Then, Lulu showed them the gift from her admirer and Luke and Laura both looked sick and said they had seen this before. Luke told them that it looked like the original Ice Princess, an uncut diamond. They thought it could be from Helena but wondered what message she was sending to Lulu. Dante and Lulu then left and alone, Luke and Laura had a bad feeling. Suddenly, Scott Baldwin appeared.

Michael and Starr returned to an empty dance floor and agreed that holding each other was the best thing in the world.

Steve and Olivia returned home and noticed the door was open. They saw nothing wrong but were both a little jumpy. She wondered again about her vision of him with Sabrina and headed to check out the shower herself. Later, they had sex on the floor and after Steve decided to take a shower. Then, she saw Steve come stumbling out with a massive stomach wound.

At the hospital, Emma showed Patrick a valentine she made for Sabrina. She spotted Britt and told Patrick that “the mean lady” was coming. Britt apologized to Emma and said that she hoped they could be friends but Emma ran off and right into Sabrina’s arms. Then, Felix gave Emma a magic wand and she asked if it would make Britt disappear. Felix took Emma away while Britt discouraged Patrick from letting Emma be rude to adults. She then handed Sabrina a copy of the letter she had given to Monica, which called her unprofessional, incompetent, slovenly and obsessed with a male doctor. Patrick said that he would do what he could to help Sabrina because he didn’t want to lose her and gave her Emma’s valentine.

Britt met Maxie in a hospital room and Brit was surprised by Frisco also being there. He told her to stop blackmailing Maxie and to keep her mouth shut about the baby and told her also fix the Sabrina mess. He added that he gets paid to kill bad guys, and from where he was standing, she was a bad guy.

Outside The Haunted Star, Luke worried that some psycho from his past with Laura was trying to haunt them. Then, Scott Baldwin emerged and told Luke he was in town for Laura…his fiancée. Laura confirmed it and Luke was floored. When Luke asked Laura why, Scott replied that he was just putting things back the way they were before Luke screwed them up. Luke asked Laura directly if she loved Scott. She replied that she does, and wanted to marry him.

Alexis went to the penthouse but Sam didn’t answer. Shawn offered to break down the door, but she let herself in with her key. The place was empty and she worried that someone took Sam and Danny. Alexis didn’t think John committed those murders and worried that Heather took them both. “But what if John did snap?” Alexis wondered.

Anna walked by the pier and was surprised by Duke. She apologized for being poor company, but said she was trying to figure something outrageous out…whether there could be two John McBains. Duke told her that he had read about the stabbings and they discussed how difficult it was to believe John that could do it. Duke thought it was possible that there were two Johns considering what Faison did to him. Anna then revealed that she was scared to use her gut because of how she reacted to Faison’s trap. Duke revealed he was still in love with her and would wait as long as it took for her to make her choice. She then told him that she had ended it with Luke. “He wasn’t the love of her life, and she wasn’t his,” Anna told Duke about Luke. They were about to kiss when Alexis called Anna to tell her that Sam and Danny were missing. They agreed to meet at the station and Duke encouraged Anna to trust her gut.

Kate woke up in bed with Sonny, confused. She wondered why they were on Johnny’s boat. He told her about the party, that it wasn’t Johnny's boat anymore, that she’d been gone for five months and they didn’t get married because she married Johnny, but it was okay. She suddenly wondered why they were in bed together. “Did you sleep with Connie?” Kate asked Sonny, who admitted that he did and she was disgusted with him. He tried to tell her that things were different now but she refused to hear his explanations and stormed out.

At home, Olivia heard a crash then saw Steve emerge from the bathroom with a massive stomach wound. She tried to call 911, but he was fine. The mirror broke and he was just coming out to get a dustpan. She told him about her bloody vision and was worried about the person stabbing people. She didn’t believe it was John and thought it could be Heather. She said she wouldn’t believe otherwise until she saw a corpse. He assured her he wasn’t going anywhere and they started making out. Then, there was a knock at the door and Olivia was shocked to hear that it was Kate.

Todd and Rafe Jr. shared a cell at PCPD, and John was one cell over. Todd thought he and Rafe Jr. could help each other since they both saw John commit murder. Todd questioned John if he was going to change his story now but John refused. He repeated that he didn’t do those things…Caleb did. “What would I have to gain by killing Heather and stealing Danny?” John asked, then he brought up Todd’s own case of double identity. He reminded Todd that he had been where John was now, trying to convince people of something that was outrageous but true. Todd told John that he was a “moody guy,” but he would believe him if John believed Todd’s story about Heather’s murder. John believed Todd and asked for more details. Todd told him that he heard Caleb tell Heather that with the baby it would be easy to get the mother to come with him. John then remembered what Lucy said, that Caleb was obsessed with Livvie and that she was the reason he did everything. Then, he realized Caleb was using Danny as bait to get to Sam and yelled for the guard to let him out. Just then, Anna and Alexis came in and he immediately knew something was wrong. Anna then told them that Sam and Danny were gone.

Sonny ran into Michael outside The Haunted Star and told him that Connie was gone, that Kate was back and took off when she realized he had slept with Connie.

Kate woke up at Olivia’s and still couldn’t believe Sonny had slept with Connie. Olivia comforted her and when Sonny called urged him to give Kate space. Later, Olivia told Kate what Connie did to Sonny at their wedding. Kate wondered why Johnny would help Connie and Olivia revealed that Johnny killed Starr’s family, not Kate. Kate wanted to run off and see Starr and remembered she lived with Trey. Then it hit her. The last thing she remembered was fighting with Trey when she saw his medal. Trey was her son, and he was alive! She wanted to see him but Olivia stopped her.

Back on The Haunted Star, Michael stopped Sonny from going to Olivia’s. Sonny admitted to Michael that he was with Connie because he wanted to be. He added that he wouldn’t excuse what she had done but there was more to her than meets the eye. He also said that he had real feelings for Connie, but he loved Kate and had to see her because he knew that she needed him and he needed her.

Elizabeth called AJ from the hospital to thank him for the new bouquet of flowers he sent her. He told her that he had a great time with her and the boys. She relied that she had enjoyed it too and reminded him to try something new with Tracy. Later, she and Steve talked about Heather’s possible murder and he assured her that he was okay. He then told Elizabeth about Olivia’s gruesome vision and they decided there was room for interpretation. Then, he noticed the flowers and she reluctantly told him that they were from AJ, that he was trying to prove himself, make amends for past mistakes and that he just needed a friend.

At the Quartermaine estate, AJ tried to start over with Tracy. He told her that he had a business plan for Pickle-A-Lila that included putting aside their differences and working together. She wondered what has turned him around and he admitted a friend had. He kept pushing his proposal but she refused. She said she only wanted the CEO title and would work to get the votes she needed to vote him out. Then, he started to have another panic attack and begged Tracy to help him. She laughed in his face, called him a shameless fraud and reminded him of Edward’s “heart attack” ruse so long ago. Still, he begged her to call Elizabeth. After a bit, Tracy did and Elizabeth walked him though some calming breathing techniques over the phone.

Later, Tracy dropped AJ off at the hospital and left after spouting scathing words about his skills as a CEO. Elizabeth then reassured AJ that he would be fine and that she would help him get through it.

Molly dropped off pictures of Sam and Danny at PCPD. Lucy was handcuffed nearby and beckoned her over. She told Molly she knew who took her sister and why. Molly told Lucy that she had heard about her because John was a friend of her family. Lucy then told her that she was starting to believe Caleb and John were two different people. She also told Molly that Caleb was obsessed with Livvie, who looked just like Sam and the one thing he wanted as much as Livvie was his son Rafe Jr. Lucy then begged Molly to break Rafe Jr. out of jail and handed her some keys she had lifted from a cop. Molly worried that Rafe Jr. would be in more danger outside but Lucy convinced her. From his cell John begged the officer on duty to let him out. Rafe Jr. could tell that Sam and Danny meant a lot to John and blamed himself for letting Heather take the baby. John wanted to concentrate on getting them back then Rafe Jr. told him that Caleb told him he was his father. Then, Molly arrived and nervously drops the keys. John covered for her with the officer and told her that he won’t say anything if she let him out too because he wanted to bring Sam and Danny home safe. Rafe Jr. believed John. Molly told them they were waiting for Lucy to create a distraction. Upstairs, Lucy started a fire and was able to escape. Then, Molly opened the cell doors and let John and Rafe Jr. go.

At PCPD Anna briefed Shawn and Alexis on John, Rafe Jr. and Lucy’s escape and that Molly had facilitated it. Alexis saw Molly in custody and professed that she was just a kid. Anna explained that she used Lucy’s diversion. Alexis then asked why and Molly repeated how Lucy believed she needed to protect Rafe Jr. Alexis got nowhere interrogating Molly. Then, Shawn asked her for information so they could help. Molly said that they didn’t tell her where they were going and defended her actions because they may help Sam and Danny.

At the university, John, Rafe Jr. and Lucy broke into the deceased professor’s office to investigate on their own. They looked for clues. Lucy told Rafe about his mother and that she wasn’t crazy. Then, John found something in a book. Lucy argued that she could have told him this. She then shared about Caleb’s alias Clay. John searched online and found out who the vampire really was. He read about Steven Clay escaping from a mental institution after a murder spree following the death of his wife. Photos of the couple look like John and Sam and that Clay claimed to be immortal. John tried to figure out the legend to think like Clay. Rafe Jr. worried and Lucy said that she would protect him. Then, Lucy explained the nightmare she had. John wanted to know where she had it and she told him Wyndemere.

Tracy discussed AJ with Luke at the Quartermaine’s. She said that she could take over ELQ if he AJ didn’t make a disclosure to the SCC about his condition. Luke shared that he was distracted and couldn’t find the missing heir because of what happened on Valentine’s Day. Tracy thought he was groveling over Anna. She was shocked when Luke told her that he ran into Laura. Tracy surmised Laura was here for the coming grandbaby. Then, she spit out her drink when she heard Laura was marrying Scott. Luke thought Laura loved Scotty and Tracy said that she could have him. Luke replied that he refused to let Laura marry Scotty. Then, Tracy called Luke out and asked if he wanted Laura back when he saw her again. Luke got distracted and mentioned the Ice Princess and how he now thought Helena had nothing to do with sending a replica of it to Lulu. He now thought it was Scott.

Scott showed up at The Haunted Star. Lulu was doing paperwork. He told her that he wanted to settle the unfinished business over the death of Logan. Lulu explained again what had happened. Scott replied that he believed that he had more perspective into what happened. Lulu agreed to move on and they could never have contact again. Then, Scott broke the news that they would be family since he was marrying Laura. Then, Laura showed up and asked for time with Lulu. Lulu was stunned and asked what Laura was doing. Laura defended herself, said that she and Scotty were trying to rebuild their lives and that they had reconnected. Lulu wondered why she didn’t tell Lulu about the engagement right away and thought thinks Laura didn’t intend to marry Scott until she saw Luke kissing Anna. Lulu added that she wasn’t sure where Luke stood with Anna. Then, Scott returned as she asked Laura if not being with Luke was her reason to marry Scott. He wanted Lulu to know that his intentions were honorable and offered his hand. Laura wanted her to shake it and she reluctantly did.

Scott showed up at the PCPD. Anna tried to avoid him. He asked to see his client Lucy Coe. Anna told him that he couldn’t and admitted that Lucy had escaped. Scott wasn’t surprised. Anna explained that she couldn’t help him and wondered why Scott was there. Scott shared that he was visiting with his fiancé and Anna was surprised to hear it was Laura. She said that she thought he was taking advantage of her mental instability. Then, Anna corrected Scott when he thought she and Luke were involved.

Olivia tried to break the news about Trey to Kate at Steve’s apartment. Kate rushed to leave when Sonny arrived. She didn’t want to see him and wanted to see Trey. Sonny yelled that she couldn’t and then told her that Trey was gone. When she questioned them further Sonny apologized and said that Trey was dead. Kate couldn’t believe it and while crying wanted to know how he died. Sonny and Olivia were quiet. Then, Sonny explained about the car accident and Connie’s involvement, including taking him off of life support.

At the PCPD Anna was notified of a break in at the university.

Sam woke up in a haze at Wyndemere to see Caleb standing over her. “Welcome home,” he told her.



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