‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 2/4-2/8

By Sari N. Kent,
Rafe Jr. told Anna that John murdered his mother, Britt began to blackmail Maxie into helping her destroy Sabrina, Kevin almost thwarted Lucy, Todd and Heather’s escape from Ferncliff, Caleb kidnapped Rafe Jr. and Frisco returned to Port Charles!

At the hospital, Patrick questioned Sabrina about her feelings for him, but Elizabeth interrupted, much to Sabrina’s relief. Patrick took a page and Sabrina giddily told Elizabeth every detail of Britt and Patrick’s split. Elizabeth thought it wouldn’t be bad if Patrick knew how Sabrina really felt about him and encouraged her to go for it. “You’ll never know unless you try,” Elizabeth told Sabrina. When Patrick returned from his call, Elizabeth told him that Sabrina had something to tell him.

Britt threw a tantrum in the exam room as Lulu and Maxie arrived for their appointment. She then told Lulu that Maxie had been lying to her and slept with Spinelli on New Year’s Eve. Lulu replied that she already knew and was very mad at Britt for not telling her sooner. Britt apologized and assured her that it wouldn’t happen again. Then, Lulu got called away for an emergency at The Haunted Star. Once they were alone, Britt told Maxie that she was going to tell Lulu about the baby if she didn’t. Maxie then offered to do whatever Britt wanted as long as she kept quiet and said she would even help her get Patrick back. Britt considered Maxie’s offer and told her she wanted her help to destroy Sabrina.

TJ and Molly stumbled across the crime scene at Pier 52. They learned a boy was accused of killing his mother. Molly was concerned it was Rafe Jr. and TJ encouraged her to go to the station.

At PCPD, Anna questioned Rafe Jr. He told her that he and his mom came to town to find Lucy, because his mom thought Lucy was the only answer. He added that she left him with the arrow for protection. But, then he left with a girl he met, Molly. When he returned, Alison was struggling with someone who looked just like John, but with longer hair, then he stabbed Alison. Rafe Jr. pulled out the arrow and when he looked up, the man who stabbed her was holding a gun. Rafe Jr. begged Anna to believe him. Meanwhile, Sam debriefed John about her chat with Lucy after he told her that Alison had been killed. Lucy told Sam that Alison’s son was not fathered by her husband Rafe Sr., but by Caleb. When Rafe Sr. found out, he went after Caleb and it was the last anyone has heard or seen of Rafe Sr. Molly came by the station with Danny and told them about her meal with Rafe Jr. and that he told her that sometimes he wished he could be free of his mom. John then went into the holding room and Rafe Jr. attacked him, accusing him of killing his mom. They then took him out for booking.

At The Floating Rib, Felicia wondered how Maxie will look during pregnancy since Frisco used to call her an “overripe peach.” Mac was jealous but she assured him that he was the only man in her life. Then, Kevin showed up and Felicia was glad he was there to help Lucy. He acknowledged that Lucy became obsessed with the idea she was a vampire slayer. When they broke up it seemed to go away for a while. But coming back to Port Charles brought back all these emotions and Lucy was convinced all of her fantasies are real. Felicia told him that Lucy was truly terrified when she saw John, so how could all of it be in her head? Kevin told Felicia and Mac that he still loved Lucy “but things change.” Felicia replied love defies all odds. Kevin then commended her and Mac for finding that love, but said that his situation was different. “You don’t have a vampire between you,” Kevin remarked. Mac wondered if Frisco counted. Later, Mac went to the stockroom. Frisco walked in and found Felicia alone.

At Ferncliff, Todd was found sane during his evaluation. Now he had to go back to PCPD and await trial. Lucy was concerned that the longer she was locked up, the more people would be hurt by Caleb. Then, Heather showed up and was curious as to what she had missed. Todd freaked when he saw her but she accused him of overreacting. She then said she had a plan that would get them out and Todd reluctantly wanted in. Heather was cool with that as long as he knew she was the boss. She said she had made friends with the staff and encouraged them to start a revolution, that there will be a massive walk out tonight and they would be right behind them. Later, the trio walked out with the staff but ran into Kevin.

At The Floating Rib, Frisco explained why he was just getting back to Felicia after she left him a message two months ago. Then, Mac returned and was surprised to see him. Frisco offered his hand and Mac hesitated before shaking it. Mac then asked what he was doing there. Frisco said he was there to see Maxie. Mac was upset that Felicia didn’t say she had contacted Frisco. Mac then told Frisco that he and Felicia were back together. Frisco left to get cleaned up and Mac asked Felicia why she didn’t tell Frisco about him. She said that her love life was none of Frisco’s business. She then professed her love and kissed Mac. Frisco came back in ready for a drink to make a toast. Then, Maxie appeared and was surprised to see her father.

Michael came home to find Starr preparing a romantic evening. They shared wine and Starr asked about Michael’s day at ELQ. Starr explained her encounter with Todd at Ferncliff and how she had to make sure he was found competent and would be sent to prison. They then decided to enjoy the evening. Starr teased Michael with the sundae bar she planned. They got distracted with each other and disappeared into the bedroom. They later left the bedroom to find more whipped cream.

At the hospital, Maxie agreed to do whatever Britt wanted to keep her secret. Britt asked her to help her destroy Sabrina. Maxie questioned why. Britt explained that Sabrina was filling Emma’s head with lies about her to get to Patrick for herself. Maxie tried to get out of helping as Britt explained how pathetic Sabrina was. Britt started to call Lulu and tell her that she had information about the baby but Maxie interrupted and Britt ended the call. Britt said she’d be in touch with Maxie and threatened her not to tell anyone.

At the apartment, Lulu and Dante decided where to get food. Lulu explained about her day and the appointment with Dr. Westbourne. She received Britt’s call and thanked her for the information. Dante discussed the recent murder and then they get romantic, retiring to bed.

In the hospital showers, Olivia heard Steve singing and walked in to see him showering with Sabrina. Olivia asked what he was doing with her and rushed off leaving Steve confused.

At the nurses’ station, Patrick interrupted Elizabeth and Sabrina’s discussion. Elizabeth said Sabrina had something to tell Patrick but then Olivia showed up and demanded that Sabrina stay away from her fiancé. Olivia argued that her visions come true. Steve then confessed that Sabrina had a crush on him. Olivia got upset. Patrick tried to calm everyone down. Sabrina swore to Olivia that she wasn’t interested in Steve. Patrick apologized to Sabrina for what happened with Britt and said he wouldn’t be having anymore relationships at work and thanked her for being there for Emma. He left and Elizabeth said that must have been hard for Sabrina to hear but Sabrina understood him. Patrick bumped into Britt at the elevators. She apologized and claims she wouldn’t make it difficult for them to work together. He left and Britt turned to the nurses’ station and plotted revenge on Sabrina.

At Ferncliff, Heather, Todd and Lucy argued about if it was safe to break out with cops around. Heather dragged them out and Kevin showed up. He wanted to meet Lucy’s friends and found out where they were going. Heather and Todd made excuses about being deputized and on strike. Kevin explained that they couldn’t walk out with patients. Heather and Todd acted surprised that Lucy was a patient. Lucy got mad and gave them up to Kevin, who negotiated successfully with Lucy. Heather then hit Kevin over the head with a flower pot and high fived Todd. Lucy argued with them that they couldn’t leave without her “Doc.” She bribed them with Kevin’s car keys but Todd took the keys and left with Heather. Lucy said goodbye to Kevin, who was still unconscious. She told him that she loved him but had to go take care of Caleb.

Back in the doctors’ locker room, Steve and Olivia discussed what happened. Steve finished up dressing and Olivia saw Heather coming out of the showers. She told Steve and asked if Heather was really locked away safe at Ferncliff.

Heather, Todd and Lucy arrived at Wyndemere to regroup. Todd read the paper and was livid over the pictures Connie chose to run. He found some clothes upstairs, wished the two luck and left. Lucy read about Alison’s death and was overwrought. “Caleb must have found them!” she told Heather. Everything Lucy had predicted had come true and she worried about Rafe Jr’s vulnerability. Heather didn’t think Caleb would hurt his own son, but Lucy insisted that his soul was in danger. “He can’t ever know who his father is,” Lucy told Heather, who stopped Lucy from going to PCPD before she saw Steve. They decided to rest and regroup before coming up with a plan. When Lucy fell asleep, Heather left. Caleb watched Lucy sleep until she woke up with a gasp.

At home, Michael emerged from the shower, sans whipped cream, although he had a great time getting dirty with Starr. He grabbed the paper and they read about Todd’s escape. He thought Starr might want Todd to get away because she felt guilty about putting him away. She denied this. He got ready for Kristina’s arraignment. He talks about Sonny being there and he told Starr that he still thinks he’s guilty of leaking the ELQ story to Connie. Starr then tells Michael that she’ll meet him after Johnny’s hearing. Later, Todd showed up to see Starr one last time. He apologized for not telling her about Johnny and said he was going to disappear. He added that he made a mess and that the whole eight years he was locked up by his mother he wished he would someday see her again. Now that wish came true, he didn’t get any more wishes. Then, they tearfully hugged and expressed their love for each other before Todd left.

John briefed the officers at PCPD on the escapees. He thought Lucy could be coming for Rafe Jr. Meanwhile, Alexis arrived to take Kristina to her arraignment. Molly saw accusations against Rafe Jr. in The Sun and dashed off. Sam joined John as he vented his frustration about Ferncliff. They went over the murder case and then John got the print results from the murder weapon. Allison’s prints were on it, as were Rafe Jr’s, but there we’re another set…his. He told Sam that was a bit freaked out now since Lucy and Alison were both convinced he was this dangerous guy Caleb and Rafe Jr. was convinced that he killed his mom. Sam left to get coffee and ran into TJ, who was looking for Molly. Sam thought she was at the courthouse. Then, John found Sam and told her that Kevin’s car had been recovered.

From his cell, Rafe Jr. told Johnny that John killed his mom, not him. Johnny wasn’t judging and told Rafe Jr. that he killed his own grandfather. Rafe Jr. insisted he was innocent. Johnny asked the officer to go easy on Rafe Jr. and give him his food. Later, Molly snuck in to see Rafe Jr. He insisted he didn’t do it and hated being dragged all over but he loved his mom. Molly didn’t think John did it either, but Rafe Jr. swore he saw him do it. An officer got Molly out of there. Then, TJ found her and questions if she was with Rafe Jr. Later, John paid Rafe Jr. a visit and insisted that he didn’t kill Alison. Together, he wanted to figure out who did.

Connie showed off the latest issue of The Sun for Olivia at Manning Enterprises and bragged about her book. Olivia replied that she’d be sure to congratulate Molly. Meanwhile, she wanted to chat about Kristina. She thought Connie was trying to get back at Sonny for being in love with Kate, not her. Olivia told Connie that putting Kristina in jail would only ruin her life and make Sonny hate Connie for the rest of hers. Connie admitted that she was afraid of turning back into Kate. Olivia encouraged her to be courageous and let Kristina go.

At the courthouse, Sonny shared with Shawn that Connie was pressing charges to drive him away. Shawn offered to keep Connie under wraps for a bit, but Sonny refused. Shawn then accused him of going soft. Alexis told them things didn’t look good for Kristina. Meanwhile, Kristina and Johnny chatted. She told him that she knew that he never meant to hurt Starr’s family, but that she meant for Connie to die. Later, Michael asked Johnny if he gave the ELQ info to Sonny. Johnny replied that he would never help Sonny take anyone down. Inside, Michael sat with Sonny, who again insisted that he didn’t leak the story. The judge called the case to order and Connie ran in yelling that Kristina was not guilty. Later, Starr arrived in time for Johnny’s hearing.

Todd went to his safe at the Metro Court, but it was empty.

Tracy invited Luke into the Quartermaine mansion. He told her that he hadn’t found out anything about the Quartermaine heir because he couldn’t get in touch with Carly. He knew that Tracy didn’t want Ned and Dillon finding out that she was the leak and they were both surprised that Connie fingered Sonny instead. Luke asked what happened to Lucy’s vote and she encouraged him to read the paper every once in a while. She then filled him in on Lucy’s escape from Ferncliff with Heather and Todd. He looked horrified and hoped Heather wasn’t going to make a move on Anna. Then, he called Anna to check up on her. Later, Tracy insisted that Carly held the secret to the heir’s identity. Luke left and the feds came to arrest Tracy.

Todd searched his safe at the Metro Court but it was empty. Then, Carly arrived, holding his passport. She then said that she also took all of his money. Todd talked her into not giving him up and in exchange she demanded the truth. He replied that he wanted her to run away with him. He told her that he loved her, which wasn’t something he said unless he meant it. He added that both have had experience messing up relationships, so they knew when something was real. He told her that they could start a whole new life though he warned her that he was a screw up but someone she could trust. They almost kissed but were interrupted when Luke knocked.

As Lucy slept at Wyndemere, Caleb lurked. "Lucy, I’m home," he taunted when she awoke. He told her that it had been a long time, but she replied that she thought she just saw him the other night. He didn’t care how long it had been. He was just excited they were together at last, the vampire and the slayer. Then, she screamed at him for killing Alison and feared for Rafe Jr. Caleb replied that he would never hurt Rafe Jr., his son and that he was in a position to open him up to a whole new experience. Lucy denied that Rafe Jr. is his and insists he is Rafe Sr.’s, but Caleb knew better and said it was time he got to know Rafe Jr. and teach him who he really was. He added that a stolen wish brought Rafe Jr. into existence, but Caleb wanted him nonetheless and Lucy couldn’t stop him. Her friends may think she was crazy, but Caleb knew this was very real and he said that her only choice was to surrender. He started to bite her but then she woke up. It was just a dream.

At PCPD, Anna learned John’s partial print was on the murder weapon along with Rafe Jr.’s and Alison’s. Meanwhile, TJ was shocked that Molly visited Rafe Jr. She told him that she felt bad for Rafe and thought he could be innocent. TJ wasn’t buying it and they argued. Anna heard them yelling and TJ ratted Molly out. Anna was very stern with her and insisted that she couldn’t go in the cells again. In the cells, John wants to work with Rafe to figure out who did it. He asks Rafe for any details he remembers about that night. Rafe Jr. refused to talk after what John did to his mother. John asked how long they had been on the run. "Forever," Rafe Jr. replied. Alison thought there was someone after them named Caleb. John knew people thought he was this Caleb, but he insisted that he wasn’t but Rafe Jr. replied that he knows what he saw. When he got to the pier, Alison was terrified but John was smiling and that was when he killed her. John insisted that he didn’t get to the pier until Alison was on the ground. Rafe Jr. then remembered a ring that he was wearing with a crest and a bat. John left to follow up. Alone, Rafe Jr. hoped someone believed him. Later, Lucy broke into PCPD and was immediately recognized by an officer. She got his gun and pulled it on Anna when she was caught. Meanwhile, Caleb went to Rafe Jr.’s cell. He was wearing the ring.

Kristina stood for her arraignment in court when Connie burst in. When she was questioned under oath, she swore that Kristina was just practicing for the company softball team. As for the handprints around her neck, they were fighting over her son’s necklace. He just died and they both got emotional over it. Then, Alexis simply asked for the charges to be dropped. Instead, the judge gave Kristina community service for second degree assault. After, Sonny thanked Connie. He wanted her to go all in and make it right for his other kid too. Then, Connie admitted to Michael that Sonny had nothing to do with leaking the ELQ story and that she only lied to hurt Sonny.

Luke interrupted Todd and Carly at the Metro Court. Todd hid as Luke accused her of pining over her latest bad judgment call. He told her that he had questions about a Quartermaine heir. Carly refused to do anything to help Tracy. Luke punched the desk and inadvertently found Todd. He started to call the cops to turn both of them in…unless Carly told him what he wanted to know. She told him that Franco may have a kid out there, a daughter named Lauren and he told Carly that her mother kept her from him. He thanked her and suggested Todd try Uruguay this time of year. Later, Todd was sure Carly still had feelings for him and asked her again to come with him. She refused. He kissed her and she kissed him back before he left.

Shawn and Sonny hung out by the pier and discussed the turn of events for Kristina. Shawn was pretty sure Connie did it for Sonny. Sonny wanted to ID the real source of the ELQ leak and considered Tracy. She had spent her whole life trying to take control of ELQ and AJ swiped it from under her.

The feds came to the mansion for Tracy. She was being charged with fraud, racketeering and multiple SEC violations. Then, Connie rushed in and introduced herself as the publisher of The Sun, and without the original evidence that supported her story they had nothing on Tracy. Hypothetically, the documents were accidentally shredded. They released Tracy and later the ladies toasted. Connie then took a bite of the Pickle-Lila relish and devoured it. She told Tracy that she loved it! She then gave Tracy a heads up that she told Michael that Sonny didn’t leak the story. Then, Sonny and Shawn arrived in time to hear Tracy incriminate herself. Sonny thanked them and left. Connie ran after him and asked him to not tell Michael about Tracy. He agreed and then offered to walk her to her car. Later, Luke returned with good news about Franco’s possible daughter but Tracy said she needed more. She needed to repair the damage she had caused. She considered the relish and an idea came to her.

In his office, AJ struggled to keep ELQ afloat. Michael came by and told him about Connie recanting everything. AJ was skeptical, but Michael said that he believes her even though she didn’t say who did leak the story. Duke returned and gave AJ the news that their assets were still frozen. AJ was worried that they could lose ELQ altogether and would have to start doing layoffs. Michael thought they needed to remind people ELQ was worth fighting for. Duke went to pull records on past disasters for clues on recovery efforts and returned with a file about Pickle-Lila.

Lucy had the gun trained on Anna at PCPD. She was insistent about the danger Caleb posed, that Caleb killed Alison to get to Rafe Jr. so she was there to take him somewhere she could protect him. Lucy marched Anna downstairs. Meanwhile, Caleb visited Rafe Jr. in his cell and told him that they were going to the docks to get his account of what happened. Caleb turned his ring around to hide the crest and called over an officer, Carlson, to come along with them and they all left together. Later, Lucy and Anna found the cell empty and Lucy was sure Rafe Jr. had been abducted. Anna then tricked Lucy and locked her up. Later, Anna looked at the footage and was shocked to see what looked like John leading Rafe Jr. off.

At the pier, Caleb took out the murder weapon to reenact Alison’s murder. Carlson questioned him handling the weapon but Caleb assured him “the commissioner has signed off on it.” Caleb had Carlson fill in for Alison and as they walked through the crime, he then gutted Carlson just like he did Alison. Rafe Jr. freaked out, but Caleb said that he wouldn’t share this moment with someone else and that he had waited a lifetime to see his son. Rafe Jr. refused to believe it, but Caleb insisted he was a Morley through and through. Caleb then added that he now had a chance to raise Rafe Jr. the way he was meant to be raised. Caleb then shows him a boat in the distance that was coming to take them home. Rafe Jr. ran off but Caleb wasn’t worried because he would always find him. He then pulled the weapon out of Carlson and licked the blood.



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