George Clooney jokes ‘I don’t like Ben Affleck’

By Sarah McClanahan,

On the Oscar red carpet, George Clooney poked fun at his Argo co-producer a few hours before the two took home the win for Best Picture.

When speaking with MTV News on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, George Clooney opened up his interview with a critique of Ben Affleck, who co-produced Argo with him, but the comments were all in jest.

When asked how proud he was of Affleck, who also starred in and directed Argo, Clooney stated, “I don’t like Ben. He’s tall. He’s good looking. He ticks me off.”

“No listen, he’s so talented. It’s so much fun to watch him have this year,” Clooney finally admitted.

Later that night, Argo won in three categories: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Editing.

After the ceremony, Ben Affleck was asked whether he was upset because he was not nominated for his directing, according to Digital Spy.

Affleck said, “Naturally I was disappointed, but when I look at the directors [who weren’t nominated], Paul Thomas Anderson or Kathryn Bigelow - who’s just amazing - Tom Hooper, Quentin Tarantino, these are all directors I admire enormously. It was just a very tough year.”

“You’re not entitled to anything. I’m honored to be here, I’m honored to be among these extraordinary movies, and I’m really, really honored to win an Academy Award,” Affleck continued.

image: INFDaily



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