German Education Minister Schavan resigned over plagiarism

By Xingye Li ,

It is not good news for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government before national elections. Germany’s education minister Annette Schavan has resigned after the discovery of her plagiarism to her PhD thesis.

Guardian reported that University of Düsseldorf decided to void Schavan’s PhD because part of her thesis was copied. Even though Schavan has decided to resign, she still will take legal actions against the university. She said, “I will not accept the decision of the University of Düsseldorf and I will file a lawsuit against it.”

Regarding the resignation, Merkel accepted “with a very heavy heart.”

Shavan thanked for the chancellor for her “words today and friendship.” She also again denied the decision of the University. She said “I neither copied nor deceived,” reported Spiegel

This is not the first time for German government to experience this embarrassment. Two years earlier, Defense Minister Karl-Theodor also resigned because of plagiarism for his doctoral thesis, reported Foxnews.

According to Spiegel, Johanna Wanka, the CDU Education Minister in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony will replace the position of Schavan.



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