'Glee' recap: 'Naked'

By Samantha Velez,
Clothes come off and dramatic duets begin

The local news reports that the Dalton Warblers have been disqualified from competing in Regionals, leaving a spot for New Directions. Meanwhile, the group needs to raise 400 for a bus ride to Indianapolis and Tina suggests selling calendars of the glee guys in sexy poses.

Brittany invites Marley over for Fondue For Two, her YouTube talk show starring herself and her cat Lord Tubbington. Over scorching hot fondue, Brittany convinces Marley that she should have the courage to tell Jake she loves him.

SAT scores are in and somehow Brittany has the highest scores in the school and Sam has the lowest. (She randomly filled in the bubbles). This is devastating for Sam who tries to compensate by focusing on one of his best features: his body. He shows up to school in his swim suit and leads the glee guys in an intense workout regime to prepare for the calendar photos. He is a former stripper, after all. He leads them in a mash-up of “Centerfold” (The J. Geils Band) and “Hot in Herre” (Nelly).

Rachel tries out for the lead in a student film but finds out that it requires a topless scene. The old Rachel, who she was and how she dressed in high school, appears and sings a duet with the new, stylish Rachel. They sing “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. When Kurt finds out she’s planning to accept the role he is not supportive. He thinks she’s changed far too fast, doing things like agreeing to do a topless acting scene and asking Brody to move in.

Sue, as usual, is trying to stop Finn from helping the glee club. She thinks the calendar is a form of pornography and tries to intimidate him out of allowing it. However, Finn is ready and threatens to find a centerfold that she did for Penthouse, although she doubts he’ll be able to track it down.

Taking Brittany’s advice, Marley asks Jake to sing a romantic song with him in order to tell him how she feels. They sing a very heart-warming rendition of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” Jake tries to ask her if she’s trying to tell him something but she backs out of saying, “I love you.” Jake explains the incident to Ryder who encourages Jake to tell Marley that he loves her. Jake sings “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself” by Ne-Yo and dedicates the song to Marley.

Artie confesses to Finn that he isn’t comfortable being shirtless in the calendar. Meanwhile, Sam is putting too much pressure on himself to look good by constantly working out and taking the photo shoot too seriously. Blaine knows the real problem is that Sam is afraid he won’t get into a good college with his low SAT scores. He surprises Sam with a video message from glee members telling him how great of a person he is and how much he has accomplished (saving the glee club, helping support his family when they lost their house, etc.).

Sam decides to relax and tells Artie that he won’t appear shirtless in the calendar if Artie will agree to appear in it as well. The result is photos for eight months of Blaine, Jake, Ryder, and Joe appearing shirtless with Sam and Artie appearing fully clothed in four of the months.

In New York, Santana and Quinn drop in on Rachel unexpectedly for an intervention. They don’t want Rachel to appear naked in a student film, which she may regret two years from now. Rachel still goes to the film set, even asking the crew to take off their shirts to make her feel more comfortable. In the end, she just can’t do it and is kicked out of the movie. Rachel, Santana, and Quinn celebrate with “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles.

Back at McKinley, Finn tricks Sue into confessing to being in Penthouse by handing her an envelope secretly containing an issue of Highlights and recording her reaction. Without her interference the club is able to print the calendar and sell it for a profit of $350. Jake signs a calendar for Marley with “I love you.” She says it back and they happily kiss. The group is rejuvenated and excited to begin preparing for Regionals. They close the episode with “This is the New Year” by A Great Big World.

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