Grammys fashion shows mixed reactions to CBS’ dress code

By Vanessa Frith,

Earlier in the week, CBS’ released a memo detailing a dress code for this year’s Grammy Awards. However, while some musicians thought it was a good idea, others openly flaunted the rules.

According to Deadline, the memo asked attends to “Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack.”

Host LL Cool J came out in support of the dress code.

"I don't think it's unfair to remind musicians that there's some families watching in the middle of the country and all around the world," Cool J told Access Hollywood. "They don't need any extra things happening for the families... This isn't the Vegas version of the Grammys."

Beyonce and Rihanna both made the cut for dressing conservatively, according to Reuters. but several other musicians did not.

MTV reports that Kelly Rowland wore a dress with very transparent areas while Katy Perry and Ashanti exposed breasts and Deamau5 sported profanity on his hat, something that was also advised against.



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