Gun background checks declined 10 percent in January

By Alexi Knock,

Federal background checks for firearm purchases declined 10 percent in January as Washington continued a discussion on tighter gun control laws.

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According to an analysis of FBI data by The Associated Press, the number of checks by the National Instant Criminal Background Check system dropped from 2.78 million to 2.48 million from December to January.

Some of the states that had the largest declines in checks were Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Firearm sales skyrocketed in December following in the Newtown, Connecticut mass school shooting of 20 children and 6 adults.

Mike Fotia, manager of Duke’s Sport Shop in Pennsylvania said that his inventory can’t keep up with the high demand. He added, “You can't do a background check if a guy doesn't have a gun to buy. There's nothing to buy."

There has been a decrease in gun sales despite the higher demand in firearms simply because retailers are out of stock.

Lisa Atkinson, manager of Ade’s Gun Shop in southern California told The Huffington Post that the week after the Sandy Hook tragedy "was the first time we had to call a nearby gun shop to see if they could sell us a gun because we had run out. It's been crazy."

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