Happy birthday, Mena Suvari!

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Mena Suvari turns 34 today!

Born in Rhode Island, Mena Alexandra Suvari began her acting career with modeling while she was preteen.

She moved to L.A. area for high school, and to develop her career. She debuted her on-screen appearance in Boy Meets World at the age of fifteen.

The American actress then starred in ER, few other TV series, and movies, such as Kiss the Girls, and Slums of Beverly Hills.

Despite all these, Suvari had not been recognized yet as an actress.

The recognition began when she starred in American Beauty, alongside with Kevin Spacey, and garnered several nominations in BAFTA Awards, and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

In the same year, she acted in American Pie, a film that was commercially successful, earning $102 million nationwide, and $235 million internationally.

Suvari then acted in several other movies, including Memento, the sequel of American Pie movies, and the Box Office bomb Sugar and Spice.

Other than acting, Suvari endorses cosmetic brand LancĂ´me, as a model for its print advertisements.

She is also active in charity work.

Suvari once designed limited edition three-scarf edition. It featured her own nature-inspired photography, which was screened on silk and silk chiffon as a wearable art. Portion of the sales went to Natural Resources Defense Council.

Next, Suvari played in a World Poker Tour for Starlight's Children Foundation.

Other than children, she is a female empowerment issue. She was involved in a charity for breast cancer, and supported the "end violence against women" campaign.



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